Audacity CassetteTape t oComputer Problem

  calonlan 11:14 10 Oct 2008

Hello I have been using Audacity for tranferring Cassette Tapes to my Pc for several months with varying degrees of success. I have now come up against a problem whereby I record onto Audacity then export as MP3. This is then transferred to MY MUSIC but when I put it onto Windows Media Player it does not play, the counter is running but no sound. Any ideas please in words of one syllable as I am 78 and have permanent "Senior Moments "
Many thanks
Please excuse any mistakes as I am almost blind.

  MAJ 11:29 10 Oct 2008

Do other songs, videos etc. work okay in Windows Media player, calonlan?

  calonlan 12:22 10 Oct 2008

Hi Maj

Yes, everything else works fine

  eedcam 14:08 10 Oct 2008

Obvious question but Are the other songs that play ok Mp3

  calonlan 14:21 10 Oct 2008

Yes I don't seem to have any other problems. I clicked NEW on Audacity then switched tape on and pressed tecord on Audacity. When it was finished I clicked on Export to MP3 and it ahowed that happening, then I saved it to my MUSIC and there it waits. I tried it in my Media Player and it comes up on Play Pane, counter starts but no sound. Has me beaten. It is also in my Media Player Library

  eedcam 15:14 10 Oct 2008

Very strange is this the first time you have exported and played as mp3 or have you done it before. Also does it play in audacity? just wondering if somehow it never actually recorded

  calonlan 17:30 10 Oct 2008

Hi eedcam
No that's a point, it doesn't play in Audacity
Maybe that is the problem although when I exported as MP3 it went through all the motions and then it (?) ended up in MY MUSIC and also WMP Library.
Just noticed something which may be relevant. In thr listinngs in MY MUSIC there are two enties one says 1KB BAK File and the other 1KB Audacity Project does this make sense now >

  eedcam 19:00 10 Oct 2008

Hi Calonlan when you chose export to mp3 the dialogue box that opened would have said save file as mp3 then you choose where to save it . . I think you may have saved as a project or something and they wont play .Bak is a backupfile .I would try a search for your mp3 file ie search>music and either its name or just mp3 and see if you can locate it .
Alternately open audacity go file>recent files and see if youhave the file there probably with extension aup.If so open that and export again as mp3 it again as mp3 whenyou ok the save it willtellyou if the same file already exists and where it is

  calonlan 19:35 10 Oct 2008

Thank youi so much will try that tomorrow as my eyes too bad to carry on tonight
Most grateful

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