shellship 11:25 28 Nov 2007

I have been reading soyabean's posting with great interest and putting in my bit where I could. Now I suddenly have a problem myself. The last part of one Audacity file and the whole of another are playing back as though one stereo side was a fraction of a second behind the other. Most weird effect. Don't know whether it was as result of the original recording or whether it has arrived subsequently.
Any ideas from the experts, please.

  Diemmess 11:50 28 Nov 2007

No expert, but quite a lot of experience with Audacity which I like because it is relatively easy, simple and free!

No direct answer fo you, just an underlined recommendation to Save often, very often.

Separate the original file asap and work on copy/s.
The program will do almost anything for you, but crash all to easily if you don't save your work as often as you think about it.

  eedcam 13:48 28 Nov 2007

As said always work on the copy but in preferences do you have play other tracks while recording ticked.If so try unticking and do another session see if it still happens

  shellship 17:54 28 Nov 2007

Yes I do have "play other tracks while recording". Can't quite see what this does - must look in Help - but will try.

  eedcam 18:39 28 Nov 2007

Doubt you'll find anything in help try audacity's forum thats where I saw it

On the machines where this is happening, you have "Play other tracks whilst recording" enabled in the audacity preferences. To compensate for the delay between recording and playback, newly recorded tracks are shifted back at the end of the recording, so that they are in sync with the other tracks (in theory

  shellship 11:16 29 Nov 2007

Finished recording Rigoletto highlights and no problem. Thanks a bundle.

  eedcam 13:51 29 Nov 2007

Glad you are sorted and decent music too

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