ATX MoBo upgrade - will the case be OK?

  peabody 22:49 29 Jul 2004

I have a 4 year old MultiVision PC with an Epox EP-8KTA ATX Mobo measuing approx. 225 x 230. I'm planning a core upgrade (Mobo, CPU etc).

The case is ATX-AT with dimensions 20 x 45 x 41, which I reckoned was quite a big beastie.

Looking at ATX mobos, I now see that they vary in size considerably; from 305 x 190 to 244 x 305 and many sizes in-between. Whilst stand-off holes, connectors all line up (I'm sure), I'm not sure how much a constraint my choice of mobo is as regards the case accommodating it.

I see that there is some space for a board to extend underneath the HDD/CD rack, but if the board had any components in that area itmight be tight.

Any advice please? (including 'get a new case'!)

  peabody 17:56 30 Jul 2004

Any advice welcome, please!

  alan227 19:38 30 Jul 2004

If it is a four year old case it is best to buy a new one as it is almost certain that the psu will not be powerful enough you need at least a 300watt psu as a minimum.

  flyingpeterpan 20:27 30 Jul 2004

External dimension doesn't count, it's the internal one you are after, modern MOBO today can measure upto 225x310, you need 350W psu for today's power hungry graphic cards and high speed HDDS, 2 or more 80mm cooling fans, if your case already had these built-in or can accommodate it then stick with it otherwise buy a new one.

  peabody 20:36 30 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your advice. Another query:
When MOBO dimensions are quoted, which is front to back and which is top to bottom?

  Dorsai 20:45 30 Jul 2004

Don't know about MOBO dimensions,

As the case is 4YR old, i would really suspect the PSU is not up to the new job, and that is assuming the power connectors will even fit a new MOBO. New PSU's are not all that expensive. and the last time i upgraded, i found that the plugs on the old PSU would not fit my new Mobo. (that was about 2YR ago, with a then 2YR old PSU).

I would budget for a new PSU, and pick a good guality, low noise, one. Plenty of choices.

click here.

a good place to start, but loads of others too.

  flyingpeterpan 00:26 31 Jul 2004

The bigger number is normally the height while the smaller one will be the width when you hold it upright, measure your ATX ,if it can take it, you're alright, but your PSU definitely has to go,probably you can save some money on the ATX and buy a good PSU. Good luck! :o)

  peabody 17:58 31 Jul 2004

It seems I will need a case with larger internal space for the mobo and a new PSU (currently only 250W). So it will be core upgrade in a case - maybe I'll get a barebones system.

Thanks very much everybody.

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