Attribute Raw Read Error

  tallboy 20:37 17 Feb 2004

Recently (probably following a Windows 2000 update) I am getting periodic 'Attribute Raw Read Error' messages with the error rate changing from 63 to 64 (or similar numbers in the 60's) and back again.

Everything seems to continue to work OK, so I'd like to know what the error rates relate to and how I stop the messages appearing!

All suggestions welcome.


  moore_mat 21:37 17 Feb 2004

Hi Tallboy

I don't want to be the bringer of bad news, but it could be a sign of an impending Hard Disk failiure. The only info I can find on this relates to SMART hard drives (this is a system where the hard drive tells the computer how healthy it is).
From the details at this site:-
click here
and this site:-
click here

It might be a red herring, but worthwhile investigating - any suggestions from elsewhere?

All the best

[email protected]

  tallboy 14:16 18 Feb 2004

The drive is a Segate ST360021A and it does have SMART enabled.

The SMART Health tab displays the message: 'No known problems with this drive'. However, the current Attribute is 59 and it has been down as low as 54. The threshold is 34.

I guess the only thing I can do is watch out for a decline in the Attribute number and take action if it gets as low as 40.

Thanks for the help and web page URL.



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