Attempt at secure network causes problems

  nebuchan 13:45 20 Sep 2005


As our home network was unsecured i decided to try and secure it, unfortunately i ended up locking myself out of the network and router. So i decided to reset the router and start again.

I now have a few problems.

The first is that i am using Aol which is a problem in its self but secondly, the internet is only half working.

On the wired computer (to a belkin adsl) msn messenger will not work, error 80048820. The internet is extremely slow and will not access many sites including pc advisor. It only opens google, and will let me search.

I can view all websites using the aol browser. at a fastspeed.

The other wireless computers on the network msn will run, however the internet explorer will not open anything other then google.

All pcs are xp, 3 on wireless and one wired.

The network was working fine at 12'o'clock, before i messed it up, so i know it will work.

If anyone could help that would be great!

  recap 13:58 20 Sep 2005

For error 80048820 click here it may help?

  nebuchan 14:00 20 Sep 2005

I have already tried that, and none of it works, msn 7.5 was working fine earlier, just not after i reset the router

  recap 14:03 20 Sep 2005

Have you checked all the usual, that is, IP addresses, computer names and firewall settings?

  nebuchan 17:30 20 Sep 2005

I havent really, as im not sure how, however i have changed nothing since this morning on th computer, just restarted the router

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