Attachments unable to open

  muddypaws 18:06 24 Jul 2003

Using W XP. and OE. Trying to open a photo attachment. First time I tried had the panel 'unable to find the programme that sent it'. Clicked on 'automatic search', but I may have been off line and search failed. The panel no longer comes up when I try and open it. Is there anyway I can identify the programme (reader) that is required. VoG. Come to think of it I don't believe I have had a photo attachment from this person before only script. i.e. forwarding an itinerary. Presumably that has no need of a 'reader'. Thanks for helpm so far VoG. Any other takers?

  DieSse 18:08 24 Jul 2003

What's the filename and extension name of the attachment please.

  User-312386 21:09 24 Jul 2003

click here

power point viewer

  User-312386 21:09 24 Jul 2003

just click on the link and download the viewer

  muddypaws 21:55 24 Jul 2003

madboy33. I'e tried power point, but it's not that. Thanks all the same. It could be a problem at the senders end. I'v suggested he reduces the OE security zone down to 'internet use'. But I iamagine that normally relates to inboumd mail.

  VoG II 22:14 24 Jul 2003

If you can answer DieSse's question we might get somewhere.

  User-312386 22:16 24 Jul 2003

i am going to e-mail you

e-mail me back with the attachment and i will find the programme for you

  DieSse 22:52 24 Jul 2003

er - can we conduct these conversations on the forum please - it's also here to help everbody else.

  VoG II 22:54 24 Jul 2003


  User-312386 22:57 24 Jul 2003

no e-mail received

i was only trying to help

i was going to post here what he had sent me and what the apllication was

  muddypaws 09:42 25 Jul 2003

Don't want to cause trouble now. Point taken though Madboy33. DieSse-- not sure what you mean,if I can't open it. When I click on the paper clip it shows 'HE50th.ppd (1.89MB). He50th being the title he has allocated it. Apologies for delay in replying. My brother has sent the identical photo to his son ( dont know what system he is on) successfully. Can't contact him at the moment. When brother tries to send it to me he gets a panel up saying OE has prevented access to this unsafe file (or words to that effect). I have suggested he lowers the security zone to 'internet' if it isn't already on it. See if that does it, but I assume that only relates to incoming mail.He is using a scanner to convert a negative to positive ,editing it and then saving to 'documents' then emailing from there, so whether it is picking up something in the process. It takes time to download my end as if the attachment is being received. Thanks all for your interest.

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