Attachments in Hotmail

  roygbiv 13:50 13 Feb 2003

Sorry if this sounds simple, How do you put more than 1 attachment in a email?. Is it just a case of attaching each file ?. (eg. 4 files= 4 attaches, does it make sense?)

  Ben Avery (Work) 13:53 13 Feb 2003

is to put all your files into one place first (on your desktop maybe) then stick them all into 1 WinZip file and send the whole lot as 1 attachment (plus it cuts down the file size making your upload/the recipients download quicker).


  roygbiv 16:07 13 Feb 2003

I know it sounds stupid (but just to recap) How do you do that (from the Desktop part?). What if the recipent has no WinZip?.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:45 13 Feb 2003

Select all of the files you want to send. Then copy and paste them to your desktop (or to My documents, anywhere you will be able to find them)

Next, select the files you want to send so they are all highlighted blue. Then right click on them and select "Winzip" then "Add files to <>" or similar.

Process may vary slightly depending on your setup but this is the gist of it.

Then open hotmail and when you click on the add an attachment button, all of the files will be in the WinZip file you have created.

Most people have WinZip but if they dont have it, let them know that it can be downloaded for free from here click here


  Ben Avery (Work) 16:47 13 Feb 2003

Oh, you can also "drag and drop" onto the winzip file to add additional files to it.


  Sir Radfordin™ 16:50 13 Feb 2003

Just remember there is a limit on what you can attach (less than 2mb I think) so may be better to send 4 emails (1 per attachment)

  cdb 16:56 13 Feb 2003

Hotmail's limit is 1meg. (for your inbox) If you already have files in there, the email might not be delivered. You can attatch all 4 as 4 attatchments as you suggested, but it might be better to send them as 4 separate files

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:56 13 Feb 2003

Yeah I forgot Hotmail only gives you 2MB. Still, it will work well for smaller files.


  roygbiv 16:58 13 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone (you have put my mind at rest)
Thanks again

  cdb 17:00 13 Feb 2003

The inbox is 2meg. The file+attatchment limit .is 1meg

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