attachments fill body of e mail oe6

  johnnyrocker 20:36 03 Sep 2009

i recently had to send some pictures round the family using outlook express due to MS disabling multi pic facility at this time. but when i happened to look in my sent folder the messsages also filled the body of the e mail, i am not aware of this previously could anyone please explain? xp pro sp3 many thanks


  johnnyrocker 11:04 04 Sep 2009

looking at outlook express this morning i am sure from memory the toolbar had attach in it, but it now seems to be insert unless my memory fails me, could this be the cause and does anyone have any further ideas?


  Stuartli 11:08 04 Sep 2009

Check from OE's Tools>Options>Send tab>HTML Settings button>that Send Pictures with Messages is Disabled.

This is probably the likely cause.

  johnnyrocker 11:25 04 Sep 2009

thanks for reply, it was the case under news settings but was not ticked in mail sending box would this affect it?


  johnnyrocker 20:16 04 Sep 2009

any evening takers?


  TonyV 21:02 04 Sep 2009

I don't have OE any more but in Windows Live Mail, using the same sequence as in Stuartli's message above I have "Send Pictures with Messages" checked and the pictures do not appear in the e mail message but show as an attachment.


  johnnyrocker 21:20 04 Sep 2009

i have no wish to move to windows live since MS in my opinion attacked a working hotmail but thanks.


  TonyV 00:12 05 Sep 2009

I wasn't suggesting you move to Windows Live Mail, I was merely saying that following the same sequence as Stuartli's message you may well get rid of the images in the body of the message. I did a check to make sure what I was saying and sent an e mail to me with a photo attached, with the "send pictures with messages" checked and they did not show in the body of the message.

Maybe the sequence is opposite in OE, but maybe a check by you would prove the point!



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