Is this attachment open ?

  [DELETED] 07:53 24 Aug 2003

I would like to put the attachments I receive, into a specific folder within "My documents" named for this purpose .

My question is when this is done the folder sometimes shows the picture on the unopened folder although I have not yet opened the attachment. Has the attachment been opened when this picture is showing ON the folder ?

Many thanks.

  bruno 08:41 24 Aug 2003

check the settings in "view",you may be able to alter it from there.

  [DELETED] 12:15 24 Aug 2003

If you've fixed it - please ignore the following.

Sorry but I can't understand your question. First you save your attachment in to a folder you keep in My Documents for them (just the attachment, or the whole email?)

Then it's just a file like any other - what do you mean by whether it shows as opened or unopened - files don't show that.

Do you meean the original email shows as opened or unopened? - if so, thats merely a time delay, and applies to the email as a whole - not whether you've looked at (opened) the attachment or not.

Can you clarify please.

  Forum Editor 12:36 24 Aug 2003

and select the 'save as' command, the attachment is saved in its native format - that is, it's saved in the file type of the application that created it.

If I send you a Word document as an attachment and you save it (even though you haven't opened it yet) you'll see it saved as a Word document.

You haven't opened the file, but you've saved it, and that means it has to have a file type. You can't save something as an 'attachment' - there's no such file type.

Is that what you meant?

  [DELETED] 15:16 24 Aug 2003

Ahah - I suspect i know what you mean.

You save a copy of a picture - you have thumbnails set for the display in Explorer.

On the actual face of the folder you see up to four miniatures of pictures inside the folder.

You are asking if that menas the picture is open.

Well I guess the answer is no, it's not open at that point, but it has clearly been opened by the system at some point, or it could never have gotten to where it shows.

  [DELETED] 18:38 24 Aug 2003

Thank you for all your help and my apologies for the confusion.

DieSee has got my jist: I click on an attachment in an E-mail, then I "save", put it into a specific folder within "my documents", but would then like to scan it before actually opening it .

At no time have I actually opened the attachment since being received in the E-mail, but as DieSsee says the picture is shown on the front of the preferred folder .

Has the attachment been opened at this point.

  wee eddie 20:30 24 Aug 2003

What you are really trying to ask is:

Is there any way I can see inside an attachment - without opening it?

Is that right!

  [DELETED] 21:00 24 Aug 2003

"Has the attachment been opened at this point."

It must have been in order to generate the thumbnail on the front of the folder.

However, if your worry is about viruses, then you do not need to worry. Any half-decent AV program scans the email and the attacment for viruses, before it even enters your inbox.

It does this by inserting a proxy before the inbox - the mail goes into the proxy 8sometimes called a sndbox9 - it's scanned in there - and if claen gets put into the Inbox - if not, a warning is raised.

So all you have to do is have a good AV program - keep it updated, and make sureit's set to scan incomng emails. The best?... click here

  [DELETED] 21:04 24 Aug 2003

In addition as an anti-spam measure, I also use SpamBunker click here

This does not even let emails into my Inbox unless they come from my pre-allowed sources - all other sourcesare inerrogated before they are allowed (of course, spam does not respond to the interrogation, so It never gets allowed).

So I don't actually get any spam at all - absolutely none - ever!

Takes yet another risk out of the chain.

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