Attaching pictures

  ole1999 19:02 01 Mar 2005


How do i attach 3 or 4 pictures on one page so i can print them out on the one page instead of using 4 seperate pages.

Thank you in advance

  Curio 19:07 01 Mar 2005

Using Word, Insert picture from Scanner/Camera or file. You can adjust size of each pic to your own requirements.

  ole1999 19:16 01 Mar 2005

curio, sorry confused here, when i insert the picture, it inserts as a small square jpg if you follow my meaning, how do i insert it as the picture!

  Curio 19:30 01 Mar 2005

In Word 2000 Insert Picture. Click on picture - black handles should show. Click format, picture, Layout tab. Select style you want, click OK. Handles on picture now transparent. Manipulate picture to your requirement.
On completion Click File and Save.

  bruno 19:32 01 Mar 2005

Do you have an image editor at all?

  ole1999 19:42 01 Mar 2005

sorry guys, not up on this at all, i am using what xp has to offer lol...............curio... your word 2000 set up is so different from my word i am using, with the insert it only gives me date-time and object, i insert my pic and it goes to that square image, when i click on the square i can unpack it, which just opens up the picture,clicking on format only gives me font options etc!

  VoG II 19:46 01 Mar 2005

In Word, Click Insert, click on the arrow at the bottom of the Menu. You should now see "Picture", select that, then From File.

  brambles 19:51 01 Mar 2005

Open a Word document - Insert a table of 1 column & 4 rows.

Click in row 1 then file/insert/picture & browse to the folder where one of your 4 pictures are click Open. Now click on the picture which is too big at this stage. Make sure your Picture toolbar is loaded in Word.
Click on the Format/Autoshape icon on the picture toolbar - its next to the one with a little dog on.
Click on the size tab Make height about 6.5cms width will alter in ratio automatically.

Repeat this for the other 3 images and you should get all 4 photos on an A4 size.

If the last one goes to start Page 2 reduce the size of header & footer.


  bruno 19:52 01 Mar 2005

What operating system do you use? If it is XP there is a facility on there to do what you want.Post back O/S and I can give you instructions.

  presidente 19:54 01 Mar 2005

In Xp open up your photo file and highlight the pics you want by dragging over them or clicking individual ones whilst holding down the Ctrl key.
Select Print. this will open up the Photo Printing Wizard. Click Next. Make sure your selections are ticked.Click Next.Check selected printer is Next. Scroll down Availiable layouts to find desired requirements.You can adjust the number of times
to use each picture.If happy with print preview click next to start printing.

  Curio 19:55 01 Mar 2005

When You unpack your image I assume you now have a picture displayed in your Word Document. Now, click on the picture and you should get black handles round it. Click format on the toolbar, click picture, followed by layout tab. Select the style you want and click OK. The handles on the picture in your Word document should now be transparent. Click and drag on these to manipulate your picture. To move the picture about the Document use the + in the picture. Once happy with dimensions, click File and Save. Hope that is a bit clearer for you.

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