Attaching photos to emails

  griffon 56 23:38 07 Oct 2004

I've searched the helproom but not got a complete answer. What is the best way to prepare photos for attachment to emails, what size, DPI and format is best, please? and exactly how is it done?

  marjted 23:48 07 Oct 2004

I have a step by step Word document for sending images by e-mail which I made up for a friend. If you want me to e-mail a copy to you just say.

  anchor 09:13 08 Oct 2004

I send jpg photos very often by e-mail. The picture & file sizes are the first important things for you to decide. What size you choose will depend on the quality you wish the person to view the image, and if they and you are on broadband.

As a rule of thumb, for persons on dial-up, I reduce the image size to 100 pixels/inch, with a size of 6 inches at it longest side. I then compress this to about 80k. This is all done in Paint Shop Pro. I am sure many other photo programmes will do the same.

If both you and the recipient are on broadband, then it really does not matter.

To attach the picture in an e-mail message all you do is first start to compose your e-message, then click on "insert file" in your Outlook, or Outlook Express. A new panel will open, then locate the picture file in the folder where is is stored, and double click on it. Done!.

  Stuartli 09:48 08 Oct 2004

Just right click on the pic file(s), select Mail Recipient and the pic(s) will be sent as an e-mail attachment(s) in .jpeg form.

Or you can use Irfanview or PixResizer (from click here).

If you install the ImageResizer add-on for PowerToys you could also use this method (again it's a right click on the pic file(s) once installed).

  Sapins 11:25 08 Oct 2004

In XP select the photo, then select e-mail this file, it will then give you the option to send as a small file, better for dial-up users to receive. It will open your e-mail programme and you go from there.

  Stuartli 12:59 08 Oct 2004

Isn't that exactly what I pointed out - i.e. Send To (Mail Recipient)?

  david4637 13:31 08 Oct 2004

Just tried it - it works but you not only have an attachment, but it is ALSO displayed as a full image in the text area, probably doubling the time to send??? Any ideas to avoid this when using OE? Thanks David

  britto 18:52 08 Oct 2004

right click the pic and select send to compressed folder this will create a zipped folder with a copy of pic inside, just r/click this and send to mail recipient

  david4637 17:22 09 Oct 2004

Thanks britto but is there a way to prevent the pic appearing in the text area without zipping it first? Thanks David

  It's Me 20:32 09 Oct 2004

I use PhotoSuite and it is a breeze to do.

  Cook2 01:54 10 Oct 2004

Here's the way I do it. I send a lot of pictures and my mate's on dial-up.

I'll show it step by step incase a novice reads this.

Goto Start - My Pictures. If you have seperate folders, open the folder with the pictures you wish to send. Hold down the left Ctrl key and click once on each picture you want to send.

Click on E-mail the selected items. Choose Make all my pictures smaller.

This will reduce 6MB files down to 60KB or less.

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