attachement in Hotmail will not download?why

  p;3 09:03 04 Apr 2006

Attachement in Hotmail will not download;

Win 98 se IE 6 and Guard IE

I have a address to which has been sent from a address an attachement; for this address I am reading the mail on server; On the computer that I originally saw the attachement , it will open and be viewed; on my own machine I have tried repeatedly to either open or download the attachement from the server, but, each time I do this I am sent to relog into the server ( although I am already logged in); I have tried forwarding the mail to another of my own addresses, but the attachement does not get forwarded, despite my requesting it to do so, and even reading that forwarded mail on server makes no difference;

I have, meanwhile, obtained the item from another source; my intrigue is why will the attachement NOT open on the hotmail server? Despite my having adjusted my Guard IE settings ; and what also seems to happen is that , somehow, Trend micro scans the attachement ( although I do not have trend micro on my pc!)

I had wondered if the fact that the item has been sent to a address and the other is should make any difference, but I cannot see why; I am now intrigued as to why this attachement will not be opened nor downloaded nor forwarded from the hotmail server; it is not as if it is in OE and the OE program will not “hold” the attachement; I am deliberately reading it on server; so now curious as to why the attachement will not open? I have tried this for several days and still it declines to open

  lotvic 18:51 04 Apr 2006

Did a google search. Partial quotes from two other forums:

click here
"When you log into hotmail it prompts you for 3 choices for saving or
not saving your email address/password, if you select "always ask for
my e-mail address and password" you will not be able to download word
documents through hotmail. But if you select "Save my e-mail address"
then you will be able to download the attachment."

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"Recently been having a problem trying to download attachments. Everytime we try to download an attachment you get the error message problem downloading from
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I had similar problem when using XP home SP2, after changing my internet settings, firewall and antivirus settings with no success, i felt like banging me head against a wall.

I found that the only way to get round this problem was to set up a account then forward the email with attachment into the new account from the original account. This worked indicating that it is a problem with MSN and not the computer settings. i know its not a convient way to get around this problem but it was the only way i could get it to work."

  p;3 22:56 04 Apr 2006

my question with that is ; to what IS one saving ones e mail address? I am logged into the server, so surely the server knows I am there? I have obtained the attachement from another sourse now; but have agian tried to get this off the server and have been sent round in circles having to relog in again and again; seems very strange; is this behaviour unique TO hotmail?

  lotvic 23:07 04 Apr 2006

Don't know p;3 I guess it must be a quirk of Hotmail
maybe hotmail puts a cookie on your pc

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