Ati X800GTO 256MB ViVo Freezing in some games

  mettis 08:22 25 Nov 2005

Has anyone had problems with this card and found a solution?I installed this PCIe card on a new motherboard two weeks ago and ever since have been trying to resolve issue of games freezing after a couple of minutes playing time.Have visited various support sites to no avail.The weird thing is it plays other games like F.E.A.R,Quake4.Serious Sam2,Worms Mayhem with no problem but wont touch those like Doom3,Area51,Pariah,Halo or Painkiller.I have done all the usual such as patching and clean reinstalls updating Bios and Graphics card drivers but problem persists

  gudgulf 10:22 25 Nov 2005

It's interesting that you can play Quake 4 but not Doom 3 since they use the same games engine and are almost identical in appearance.

In fact being newer Quake 4 has some advancements on Doom 3 and is a bit more graphically demanding.

My first thaought is that the card is overheating.I'm assuming that it is not overclocked in any way.

Are their any differences in the settings you run Quake 4 and Doom 3 at?

Is there good air flow through the pc vents blocked with fluff etc and are all the case fans working correctly?

Try temporarily taking the pc case side off and see if the problem persists.

If you haven't already done this you could try reinstalling Doom 3 or one of the other games that doesn't run.

  Jdoki 11:27 25 Nov 2005

Hmm, the oddity here is Doom 3 and Quake 4...

As soon as I saw the post I thought it was a problem running OpenGL (rather than the more prevalent DirectX) games - Halo, Doom 3, plus the others iirc - but as previous poster mentioned Quake 4 and Doom 3 both use the Doom engine...

Might be worth doing a Google search for issues with OpenGL in the ATI drivers. Somewhere like Guru3d click here might be a good place to look as well.

  nar 12:09 25 Nov 2005

I would suggest it would be overheating

  mettis 16:06 27 Nov 2005

if it was a overheating problem why can I play some of the latest games for hours with no problem butget only a couple of minutes playing time on other games

  gudgulf 16:26 27 Nov 2005

How hot the card gets is a function of how hard it is working.......that is why I asked you about the game settings you use for Doom3(which wont play) and Quake 4(which will).If you are running Doom 3 at much higher settings then this might be enough to push the card beyond its limits.

I agree that the card should not overheat whatever settings you use but it is a possibility.If there is inadequate air flow through the pc case this could cause excessive temperatures to occur too.

It is also why I suggested reinstalling Doom 3.

Given the similarities between the games there has to be a problem with the game itself or some other settings that you are using.

Other possibles are you are using programs on your computer that are upsetting the copy protection measures on the games that wont run.Also check for updated soundcard drivers as issues connected with the sound are occasionally known to cause game crashes.

  mettis 23:51 08 Dec 2005

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.Problem turned out to be a conflict with memory stick even though I used crucial scan to identify memory and purchased from crucial.Removed memory stick and all games now working fine.

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