ATI Radion 9700???

  Sunny-275842 13:36 05 Mar 2003

is this worth getting since im looking to upgrade my gfx card to a better one. i have a Winfast GeForce2 64 Mx (32Mb 'apparently!') and i want a better card. i dont want a GeForce4 since the chip is based on my GeForce2 which is pretty pointless even tho the card is faster than my one. i wont mind spending £100+ but not to far into the region of £200 since gfx card only last about 12months before another better and faster card is out. any recommendations?

  MartinT-B 14:13 05 Mar 2003

Connect3D ATI Radeon 9100 128MB DDR DVI-D/TV-OUT - Retail (GX-003-CO)
Powered by the RADEON™ 9100 GPU and 64MB DDR memory for fast and advanced 3D graphics. Features TRUFORM™ technology to make characters more life-like High-resolution 32-bit 3D gaming up to 2048x1536 HYPER Z™ II technology conserves memory bandwidth for improved performance in demanding applications SMOOTHVISION™, ATI’s advanced anti-aliasing feature to date, eliminates distracting visual artifacts for smoother-looking images. Featuring - 250MHz / 200MHz (400MHz DDR) clock speeds, DVI Out / TV Out, AGP 4x, 128MB DDR memory.

Price: £59.00 (£69.33 Including VAT at 17.5%)
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Sapphire ATI Radeon 9500 Atlantis 128MB DDR DVI/TV (AGP) - Retail (GX-007-SP)
The Radeon 9500 GPU features 4 pixel pipelines and utilises a 128bit memory interface providing superbly crisp 2D, 3D and DVD playback and much of the performance of the Radeon 9700 for a fraction of the price. The Sapphire 9500 features 275Mhz Core Speed and 540Mhz DDR Speed. Featuring - 275MHz / 270MHz (540MHz DDR) clock speeds, DVI Out / TV Out, AGP 8x, 128MB DDR memory.

Price: £115.40 (£135.60 Including VAT at 17.5%)

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  powerless 15:33 05 Mar 2003

The 9700's are all over £200 from the ones i have seen. But this card needs power from the PSU directly. Instead of being powered via the AGP slot.

If you go for 9700 make sure your PSU is 300watts at least or else you'll have problems.

I would say take a look Martin-T's links...

  powerless 15:34 05 Mar 2003


  MartinT-B 15:57 05 Mar 2003

I don't understand your 'doh'!!

I suggested 1 budget in case Spudling wants to save some cash and wait for nVidia to get their act together and on very very good card at £136.00.

After that the prices I have seen escalate rapidly.

  powerless 16:11 05 Mar 2003

"I would say take a look Martin-T's links..." In English that means take a look at the links you posted becasue they are very good and Spudling may want to look at them to see if he/she is interested.

However within my original post an my quotation i spelt your name wrong so the "Doh" was my way of saying, "Whoops i spelt your name wrong"

So i corrected myself ;-)


Further more i also stated that the 9700's i had seen were over £200. Plus the fact that you need a PSU of 300watts+ now if spudling decided to go for a 9700 he would have to take into account the price of a new PSU (if he/she needed on).

So once again i say...

I would say take a look MartinT-B links...

(Corection made)


  Djohn 16:43 05 Mar 2003

Powerless, I fully understood what your, *doh* meant, as soon as I saw the missing, *B* :o)

  MartinT-B 16:50 05 Mar 2003


I obviously have low self esteem issues. :)

  powerless 16:55 05 Mar 2003

It was fun.

  Lead 16:58 05 Mar 2003

A GeForce 4 will be far superior to your current GeForce 2 MX card. Your reason for not buying one is flawed.

click here

click here

click here

click here

I could go on... :)

  Lead 17:02 05 Mar 2003

Or you could really push the boat out and get one of these:

click here

Now where did I put my credit card...

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