ATI Radeon X800 XL or nVidia 6800 GT ?

  malynx 14:57 14 Oct 2005

I am buying a new system based on an SLi motherboard.
The systems I am interested in (all by Mesh) use an ATI Radeon X800 XL graphics card.
Many publications have picked up on this as an oversight by Mesh stating that ATI's cards can't be used in a dual-graphics card SLI configuration.
Such a configuration would be very desirable should I want to upgrade my graphics in the future.
Mesh generally allow a pre-purchase 'upgrade' from the X800 XL to the 6800GT at a cost of £1.
Should I take this option?
Is the X800 XL a much better card in standalone terms?
Finally, PC Advisor's TopTen Power PCs chart features the above Mesh configuration but doesn't mention it.
Could this be because of the awaited Crossfire technology from ATI? - I know nothing about this.

  Gooseballer 15:01 14 Oct 2005

I personally think you should get the nVidia.

  bremner 15:15 14 Oct 2005

Very little to choose between them.

Have a look click here for a comparison of benchmarks.

  vinnyT 15:19 14 Oct 2005

As has been stated little to choose between them, however the nvidia card has support for shader model 3 (the ati cards will not have this till the release of their new cards) and the next gen games are going to require this to support the advanced features (this is not to say that the x800xl will not play these games, I'm not sure, but the 6800 gt does at least support sm3).

Hope this helps.

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