ATI Radeon HD 4800 about to explode?!

  fbadt 22:24 12 Dec 2009

hey all,
I don't really know what I'm doing, but I have a fairly midp-range gaming pc (dell xps 430) with the above graphics card. all has been well-ish for the past year apart from the harddrive suddenly crapping out and having to be wiped and everything reinstalled, although the system check says its fine. Recently I was playing Fallout3 when suddenly the image broke down to basic pixels then degraded completely, just blocks of red and black colours. every time I turned it back on I got lines of broken up colour and lines and then bsob, then suddenly it went back to normal. that was yesterday and when I got to windows, vista blamed the graphics card for s serious system error. I downloaded the latest driver and everything seemed fine, but if there's a game in the dvd drive it starts up with the images broken up as above, and does seem to be able to run games at high settings, antialiasing and HDR options (they're meant to improve games?) and bloom effects don't work or crash the system. as I've updated drivers, is the card on its way out? and how, it's under a year old?
thanks for any help! FTB

  retep888 01:33 13 Dec 2009

I had an ATI radeon card years ago which behaved exactly like that ,crashed the system and whole screen is pixelated.

Found out the fan stopped working and card overheated,couldn't do anything and certified eventually.

Suggest you contact the supplier if it's still under warranty.

  mrwoowoo 03:20 13 Dec 2009

Not sure by your post if you mean only when playing Fallout 3.
Get BSOD and other issues with Fallout 3 myself unless i turn of AA and bloom effects, then all is fine. Lots of others get the same issues as well.

  fbadt 19:33 13 Dec 2009

hey, sorry no wasn't/isn't just Fallout3, it's intermitent but seems to do it more often when there's a disc in the drive at start up but that could be conincidence, but thanks retep888 mayabe that's the case, grand I get to talk to Dell again! thanks

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