ATI Radeon drivers

  Klappers 19:09 05 Jan 2006

I have just installed a 9600xt and installed the software/drivers that came with it on the CD.
The thing is i have no idea whether or not i need to update anything because i've never used ATI cards before.
This is what it says under the graphics software tab:
CATALYST Version 05.1
2D Driver Version 6.14.10...
Direct 3D V. 6.14.10...
Open GL 6.14.10...
CATALYST control center version 1.1.1796...

Do you think this needs updating or should i leave it? And if i should update it will all of the above come in one download from the card makers website? or will i need to get it seperately?
Oh, and one other thing....under system software it lists my DirectX version as being 4.09.00...
That seems very old, how do i update it?
Thank you for your help.

  eskimo7 20:04 05 Jan 2006

Update the drivers from ATI's website and that will sort out the direct x issue as well

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