ATI Radeon driver update

  guesswho2 11:04 25 Jan 2009

I would like to replace my CRT with a flat screen monitor but I fear that I'm going to have problems unless I can update this driver.
A few months ago, prompted by a post by Stuartli, I tried two different ways to update having downloaded what I think was the appropriate file from the ATI website.
Both attempts resulted in an unacceptable display. Each time when a new file was opened, the screen display was slowly "wiped" (as if it were a PowerPoint" file) and the display didn't quite fill the screen. Therefore, both times I had to do a Restore Point to recover the situation. If someone recognises these symptons, could you suggest what I was doing wrongly? Perhaps there's another driver which also must be updated?
I'm running Windows XP,SP3, 1.1GHz, 1GB RAM.

  T0SH 11:34 25 Jan 2009

There is no need to update graphic card drivers when changing out a monitor

Just plug it in Windows should find it as new hardware and install a suitable driver

If Windows does not automatically detect it then the most likely cause is that the plug and play service is not running or has been disabled for some reason

To set it to automatic use Start Run and type in the box services.msc and click OK a window showing all the services normally listed alphabetically scroll down to "Plug and Play" double click on it in the Start up Type box set it to Automatic click Start under service status then Apply and OK back to your desktop

You may have to power cycle the monitor for Windows to detect it

Lastly a few flat panel monitors come with a CD which as well as containing a user manual may have a folder usually called Drivers which will contain a file with the extension .inf if so right click it and selecting install will prime windows with the INFormation on what resolution settings the flat screen can handle

Cheers HC

  guesswho2 11:56 25 Jan 2009

Hi TOSH, what you say is encouraging but what worries me is this. Again following a Stuartli post, I eventually found my way to "List modes" on the ATI card, which appeared to indicate that its maximum resolution is 1280x1024. It so happens that a particular LG screen which I was considering has a resolution of 1680x1050. Would my installation be able to cope with that?
Many thanks for your reply.

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