ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:37 09 May 2004


Is this card any good?

Er, that's it!



  hugh-265156 00:03 10 May 2004

the 9600 cards come in various flavors so it depends on what you want it for.

for gaming go for the pro or xt badged versions as they are the fastest.

stay away from se or plain 9600 cards if you want to play games.

the 9600pro is a good mid price card

  OU812 00:32 10 May 2004

I brought a Connect Radeon 9600XT in Jan this year.

In comparison to my former card (an MX420) it is performace is much better when it comes to 3D.

However it has not been the night and day improvement I was led to expect after reading very favourable reviews about this card and the 9600 Pro it superceeded (on my P4 2.53, 512MB, AGP 4 system).

The cards fan is also quite noisey and has added a couple of degrees to my case temps.

It really depends what you are looking for. If you hope to be able to play DirectX 9 games in all there glory you will need to go further up the card food chain (in either Nvidia or ATI flavours).

However If you are happy to compromise then this card should serve you quite well. Also If you don't need great 3d performance go for a 9600 (which is also passively-ie noiselessly-cooled)otherwise go for a 9600XT (and see if you can get one that is passively cooled if noise is likely to be an issue to you such as the Sapphire Radeon 9600XT Ultimate Edition)

Personally I now think you can get better performance elsewhere for not much more money but it very much depends on what you want to use the card for.

Horses for courses as they say!

Good luck

  OU812 19:41 01 Jun 2004

Just like to add that the new Nvidia and ATI cards that are due out this month are bringing about an envitable price drop on former top of the range cards.

For instance you can now pick up a Powercooler Radeon 9800 Pro for less than £160 (including VAT) which all though it cost £40 or or so more than a 9600XT is a much, much better card that will serve you well particularly if you want to play games such as Far Cry, Halo et al.

  rickimalone 19:48 01 Jun 2004

Yes the 9800 Pro's are at a price to die for now, but if you have your heart set on 9600 its a great card.................

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:00 01 Jun 2004

I alread have this card and was wondering whether it would stand up to semi recent games or not. I'm not much of a gamer so it sounds like it will be good enough for me.

Thank you.

  OU812 00:14 04 Jun 2004

Well you could have said so and saved me going off on one!

  byfordr 09:58 04 Jun 2004

Why not test it?

click here

You'll see how well it copes/falters with graphics.

Got a benchmark of about 2600 on a p4 2.6, 512mb, 9600 graphics card. Would expect over 5000 with a 9800 pro.


  rickimalone 10:42 04 Jun 2004

Yes your card will be great for all games out, just with some of the newer one's dont expect to have the highest quality graphics settings on but they will run fine.

With games that slow down just turn things like draw distance down and Anti Anyalsing down texture details and you should be able to find a good balance but still enjoy a great visual game.

This topic amazes me as some many people seem to think you need to spend £££'s to enjoy a game on a PC, a built a PC for an in-law and put a Radeon 9200 in and he has been playing far cry on it, he has got detail etc turned down but its still looks good enough with payable frame rate so the 9600 will inturn be better than that.

Just buy from Game so if you think your machines not up to it it back, but you can play any game with that card just not at the highest quality

  rickimalone 10:44 04 Jun 2004

Just to add the 3DMark03 of the system I built only managed 929, and still plays Far cry(with detail turned down) but games like Colin Mcray 04 he could turn detail up to medium and some high with out frame rate loss.

I have a plain vanilla 9600 with an Athlon 2600XP and 512 Mb crucial RAM, plays all games fine including Far Cry.

Yes you could spend 6 times more money on the next generation cards, but for that you will need to take the optional vision enhancement surgery to see the difference between 110 FPS and 160 FPS.........

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