ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB AGP x4 Direct X8.1

  Giggle n' Bits 14:35 19 Apr 2005

Can someone please tell me if I use this card which supports Direct X 8.1 (As on Box) on my pc running WinXP which has Direct X 9c would it cause any problems apart from I wouldn't gain the DX 9c advantage ?

  gudgulf 15:14 19 Apr 2005

Just set one up on a friends pc running Win Me with DirectX 9c and it runs with no problems.I used the latest Omega drivers that support Me but then again I always use Omega drivers on my Ati cards! click here

or click here for the latest official Ati drivers for whatever OS you are using.

The only limitation with this card is if you want to play any of the latest games,but for normal pc use it will be fine.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:31 19 Apr 2005

Plan on using it for MS Flight Simm 04 I also have a FX5700LE Nvidia 128MB AGPx8 which supports DX9 so I think with what you say Nvida Card would be better on this occassion.

  Yoda Knight 15:50 19 Apr 2005

"The only limitation with this card is if you want to play any of the latest games" - Explain please.

(I am having problems with mine, so am curious)

  Technotiger 16:03 19 Apr 2005

Hi, I use the R9200GPU 128MB AGP x8, and DirectX9.1c.

It works great on my XPHome/SP2. I don't do a lot of gaming, but T.Woods2004 and Extreme Rally show brilliantly on my tft screen.


  gudgulf 16:04 19 Apr 2005

Pretty simple really....the 9200se is one of the slowest agp cards currently available which means it is not really going to cope with the demands of a modern here for a review of loads of graphics cards.This lists the 128MB 9200 card...look how that compares , then consider that the "se" version is quite a bit slower than the base 9200 model and you will see what I mean.If you have an NVidia 5700le then that will be better and I would definitely use that of the two.If I was being perfectly honest I would have to sat that Flight Sim 2004 can be very demanding of the whole pc so don't expect to be running the highest resolutions or details settings.

Yoda Knight....what problems are you having?

  Yoda Knight 16:13 19 Apr 2005

Well, to start with CoD crashes and a huge ATI error message appears which seems to be about Glide terminating

  gudgulf 16:31 19 Apr 2005

Glide was used by old voodoo graphics cards but this may be related to OpenGl problems...first step,what drivers are you using?

  Yoda Knight 16:56 19 Apr 2005

At the moment the latest ones off the ATI site

  woodchip 16:56 19 Apr 2005

I have what you have but at the moment I think it on 9b it may be on 9c with the updates no problems it is also on a Motherboard with a Via chipset

  gudgulf 17:20 19 Apr 2005

I would try using a set of Omega drivers click here which are original Ati drivers which have been tweaked a bit.I have used these for years without problem.Make sure you read the "read me" on the Ati download page.If this does not solve the problem then it might be best to post a seperate thread which would bring more specific help.

I have actually set up CoD on the Me pc with the 9200se and it plays,albeit at the lowest settings.With Xp support for OpenGl and Glide was dropped by Microsoft so you need to have full hardware support (which the 9200se has) and full drivers support which is why I am suspecting an issue with the drivers you are using.My own pc's have (XpPro/Atix800pro) and (XpHome/Ati9600pro) and both will play CoD perfectly.Both have Omega drivers.

One other thing that is worth checking is to open "smartgart" in the Ati control panel and making sure that your AGP acceleration is enabled.

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