ATI Radeon 64MB DDR ViVo & Windows XP

  Barty Boy 11:28 20 May 2003

Hi, I bought the above graphics card in early 2002 and the installation disk with the display driver & Multimedia suite, which came with the card,worked fine on Windows 2000. I have now upgraded to Windows XP and on installing the installation disk XP complains it is not compatible with the OS. I first ignored this message and installed anyway but on running the DVD software the computer crashes and goes into re-boot? I have tried ATI Tech help but keep getting directed to web pages with drivers but it isn't obvious what I need to get this card to work with Windows XP? Has anyone had the same problem or know what I need to do to solve the problem?

  professor 11:52 20 May 2003

what is the actual Radeon itself? 8500? 9000?then I can help out more. to start with though you could try going to ATI' site type in wot ur Radeon is wether it be a 8500 or 9000 or whatever and see what it finds or do a specific search for driver for your Radeon and see if there is any updated windows XP drivers but to be honest windows XP is a dog you would of bin much better off with 98SE along with its updates via microsofts website


  King Diamond 11:56 20 May 2003

1.Have you checked your device manager to see if your card is working properly?

2. Does the rebooting only happen with the DVD software?

3. Have you updated XP from Microsofts free update site?

4. Have you got the latest drivers for your card?

5. Have you contacted the DVD software vendor?

6. What is the spec/model/make of your pc?

7. Does your motherboard have intergrated graphics/sound as well? If so and you are using a sound/graphics card, you may need to go into the BIOS settings and disable the intergrated stuff.

Sorry about all the questions...but often when trying to solve problems you need to give a lot more detail and include things like cpu, dimms, hd's, sound cards ect?

If your graphivs card works with other 3D rendering software then it maybe a simple driver issue or even an issue with your sound card.

Microsoft have many fixes for lots of issues, I'd try their update site first.

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