ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 - Driver help needed

  hnichols 13:46 04 Jan 2005

I bought a Multivision Ionix XT notebook about 18 months ago. Great little machine but MV have now gone down and when I boot up, I am asked to reinstall the driver, which unfortunately was not provided with the machine. ATI apparently don't provide the installation disks overseas and I can't find anywhere to download the driver. Can anyone help?

  Smegs 14:11 04 Jan 2005
  Maverick81 14:27 04 Jan 2005

ATI dont write any drivers for the mobility GFX card's other than very basic reference drivers.
The notebook vendors are given the task of updating the drivers themselves...Multivision probably only assembled that notebook its quite likely that either Mitac or FIC made that notebook
Have a look at the bottom and see if there is an original manufacture label this would tell you who made it and there model number, this should enable you to find the drivers.

Didnt multivision supply you with a driver CD for that notebook ?

Cheers, Mav

  FelixTCat 14:44 04 Jan 2005

I had exactly the same problem. I now use Omega drivers from click here which work perfectly on my Multivision laptop with an ATI Radeon 9000. Just uninstall the original drivers and install these. Piece of cake.

  hnichols 16:59 04 Jan 2005

Thanks. Before I leap into the dark, when I try and uninstall the ATI files/control panel (I'm going for the Omega driver)via Device Manager, I get an error message indicating that this device may be required to boot up the computer. If I can't uninstall this way, can I just delete the ATI files and then install the Omega driver?

  Rayuk 18:13 04 Jan 2005

Uninstal the drivers via Control Panel/Add/Remove programs

  FelixTCat 18:24 04 Jan 2005

I didn't come across this problem.

Try to uninstall the ATI Control Panel first then the drivers, using "Add/Remove Programs" as suggested above. Do not reboot between. After reboting, do not load the drivers at the "found new hardware" prompt - just cancel out as far as possible. Windows will start up with default drivers in 640x480 mode. Then install the Omega drivers.

With Multivision's drivers, Far Cry was a dead duck. I played it right through with the Omega drivers.

  hnichols 12:02 05 Jan 2005

Great. Many thanks to all. Problem solved!

  gudgulf 12:22 05 Jan 2005

To install Omega drivers simply uninstall the ATI control panel(You do NOT need to uninstall the drivers) via add/remove programs.If asked to reboot then do,it will ensure the old control panel is completely gone.Then simply click on the Omega driver setup icon and follow the prompts.....the original ATI drivers will be overwritten.

Perhaps my own favourite part of the Omega Drive's is the ease of updating once you have a set installed.When a new set is released you just download and click the setup icon and it will overwrite the need to uninstall anything.

  FelixTCat 16:29 05 Jan 2005


Glad your problem is sorted. The Omega drivers definitely brought my laptop back to life

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