ATI graphics prob

  flaz1984 22:38 28 Aug 2003


i have got a ATI 9200 graphics card, the problem that ive got is that once i start my pc up, the device crashes, and i have to reboot to get full functionality.

I think that it is the graphics card as the ATI panel some times comes up sayin that there has been an error.

Could this be a problem with the drivers?
The driver which is installed is version

If this is the problem does anyone know how to resolve it?

cheers for any help


  A15 23:03 28 Aug 2003

Some more info please.

What OS?
What spec computer?
Have you checked for driver updates?
Has the card always behaved like this? Or since installing/adding something new?

  flaz1984 23:15 28 Aug 2003

its running on windows xp,my computer has 2.6ghz with 1024mb of RAM and 160gb.

im not too sure how to check for updates, how would i do that?

  Ironman556 23:33 28 Aug 2003

To check for updates find out who makes the card, eg. Sapphire, connct 3d, Herculese and go to the website, click downlads and you should find drivers listed. If yu can't find the make go to th ATI website and look for the drivers.

  hugh-265156 00:22 29 Aug 2003

untick the automatically restart box in control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery/settings now you will get and error displayed instead of a restart.if the error points toward the graphics driver then

i would update windows to service pk1,if not already done so and get all the critical updates. click here

then click here select windows xp/graphic driver/radeon family and download the 3.6 driver and control panel,save them for later.

click control panel/add remove programs and click the ati control panel and uninstall it(do not restart)then click the ati( or 3 party) driver and remove it.restart windows.

install the new downloaded driver and restart.install the control panel and restart.

  hugh-265156 00:24 29 Aug 2003

ATI`s drivers will work ok with you card if its a third party one,ie/hercules,sapphire etc.i find them a bit better.

  flaz1984 11:59 29 Aug 2003

thanks ive tried installin the new drivers, and it seems to have fixed the problem, but ill re-post if the probelm persists

for all the advice

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