ATI graphics card

  zoobie 02:10 12 Jun 2007

I've a ATI 9250 AGP x8 graphics card. I've recently had to reformat my HD and put XP back on. I've installed the drivers and ATI control panel. Now it refuses to keep it's x8 setting. It's stuck on x4. What's with that?

  Stuartli 10:06 12 Jun 2007

I wouldn't worry too much as the AGPx4 setting is not that much slower than x8 - it's not a linear attribute.

  zoobie 10:18 12 Jun 2007

Is it important in video editing? I've also noticed my computer crashes when I try to set it.

  zoobie 19:28 12 Jun 2007

of course not. why would I want to? I've switched HD's several times with no problems. The x8 option is not greyed out...just doesn't keep the settings.

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