Ati driver installation

  anniesboy68 16:33 28 Sep 2003

My downloaded 3.7 catalyst drivers will not load as I get a serious error box stating "INF ERROR VIDEO DRIVER NOT FOUND" and then the next box says "Try to set up display with a atandard VGA driver before running setup." Can anyone advise what I should do, please, all seems to be working ok, no problems

  anniesboy68 16:40 28 Sep 2003


  anniesboy68 16:47 28 Sep 2003

Addendum to the above no!!! Yes, yesterday I did uninstall the originals but when came to load the new ones ie3.7 I got the message, so I reloaded the old ones back with no problems

  anniesboy68 16:49 28 Sep 2003

Jomi see my latest post, the new drivers won't go on because of the message!!!

  hugh-265156 19:26 28 Sep 2003

download click here

uninstall the ati control panel via add remove progs(dont restart the computer)next uninstall the driver and restart in safe mode when the found new hardware box pops up click cancel twice.

run driver cleaner and cancel twice again when the found new hardware box pops up and install the new drivers.

if it still doesnt work,have a look click here

  anniesboy68 16:47 29 Sep 2003

huggyg......Thanks for trying to help, but when after getting into safe mode windows, [XP] that is, reports it can't find the vga drivers!!!!!Good job system restore is working ok at the moment. This is a OEM machine with a restore disk.I wonder if the driver might be found on that disk if windows searches for it.

  anniesboy68 17:34 29 Sep 2003

No it didn't find it.

  hugh-265156 17:56 29 Sep 2003

im not sure what your doing to cause this.doesnt matter if its an oem computer or graphics card.

when you remove the ati control panel and driver via add remove programs and restart the computer then windows loads up the standard vga driver,this is being used to let you see whats on screen.

just click cancel if the found new hardware box pops up and click on your downloaded 3.7 drivers to start the install.

run driver cleaner if you want before hand from safe mode but you usually dont need to.

  hugh-265156 18:00 29 Sep 2003

ps.when actually installing the new drivers,do so in "normal mode" not safe mode.

install the driver first then restart and then install the control panel and restart again.

only boot into safe mode if you want to run driver cleaner.

  anniesboy68 15:15 30 Sep 2003

No, will not go , even after formatting and re install of XP. Still get the same message [see 1st post]. Now, a 9600TX update of drivers plus Hydravision issued on the german web site for MEDION [my make of computer] does go. Now, this graphics card a Radeon9600TX was made apparently for Medion computers only, and is a re configured 9500Pro, so you can guess the rest. Any other MEDION users out there???? Comments would be appreciated!!!!

  hugh-265156 15:52 30 Sep 2003

get your drivers from click here they will work with all ati retail and oem cards.

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