ATI Card Uninstall/Install

  BigRik 13:31 11 Jun 2010

Playing with a ATI card is new to me as I've only used Nvidia before.

I'm trying to update to the 10.5 suite from the ATI site. I've uninstalled everything ATI I can find yet in the device manager it's still showing a driver version (8.661.0.0) which was installed by the manufacturer of my system. Should I uninstall this through the device manager?

When I tried to install 10.5, when it came to installing the control centre, the progress got stuck at around the 10% mark and never moved. I tried to quit, but had to restart the computer. I'm wondering if perhaps this has something to do with the old driver apparently still installed.

My computer still looks the same yet I'm supposed to have uninstalled all references to ATI!

I'm using a HD5870 with Windows 7 (64-bit).

Thanks in advance for your time.

  howard64 15:15 11 Jun 2010

I think the 64-bit is the key to this - you have to search out the 64-bit driver which is very different to the 32-bit one. In the old days every scrap of an ati installation had to be got rid of before a new one was added but I believe this no longer applies.

  BigRik 15:53 11 Jun 2010

I've now downloaded the 10.5 suite and driver only, both definitely 64-bit versions, from the ATI site, but both simply will not install. They get so far, then the installation just seems to give up.

I don't know if I should try to uninstall the driver through the device manager in case I then cannot see anything at all!

  dfh 17:42 11 Jun 2010

Are these comments of any use to you? click here

  Dark Mantis 18:55 11 Jun 2010

First configure your computer to standard VGA mode then remove any drivers that are stll around. Next install the 64bit drivers and reboot.

  citadel 18:57 11 Jun 2010

ati is strange numbers are different. so if you download 10. something the actual name of driver on your device manager says its 8. something. if you uninstall in device manager windows will use a basic display, then you install your new driver that you have previously downloaded and saved.

  BigRik 19:02 11 Jun 2010

Well, I did like post #8. Really did make me laugh! Though I have to say my current experience is much the same as his. Never had a problem with Nvidia, but ATI is proving extremely frustrating.

I've now got the suite to install, so I've got the Catalyst Control Centre back, but the driver install failed. I then tried to install the driver only, but that has failed as well.

So basically, I cannot get the new driver to install.

Anyway, is it worth it? I'll only be moving from version 8.661.0.0 to 8.732.0.0.

  BigRik 21:32 11 Jun 2010

Dark Mantis - Do you mean swap the DVI for the VGA cable?

citadel - Uninstalled 8.661.0.0 from device manager, then tried to install newer driver, but installation still failed.

Thanks all for your time so far. Why oh why did I go with ATI?! I knew where I was with Nvidia! I didn't think GPU drivers could be so troublesome!

  I am Spartacus 23:46 11 Jun 2010

Try Driver Sweeper click here

  cap46 06:19 12 Jun 2010

I found when first installing an ATI graphics card, was to go to control panel and do a windows update first as this downloads the display driver from microsoft. I then whent to click here and downloaded the full catalyst suite it installs with no probs and then when there is an update i just uninstall using the ATI install manager which is in the control panel, programs. Also i delete the registry entr ies for ATI and ATI technologies as these are left behind after uninstalling then when i install the new catalyst suite i have no probs whatsoever

  citadel 07:47 12 Jun 2010

probably leftovers from nvidia if you changed card, as sparticus says driver cleaner or sweeper to get rid. i install the cat suite and driver every time, if i just try the driver my mimo screen wont display. has lots of info in the ati card and driver forums.

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