athlonxp or Duron

  always learning 16:43 11 May 2004

help,I am finally uprating my processor from a 1gig Duron to either 1600/1800 duron or 2200/2400
Athlon xp.fitting Artic fan.which would be better ?? dont do much games mainly surfing.all help very appreciated.thanks--always learning(dave)

  dazzling 16:55 11 May 2004

dave athlon xp if your motherboard will suppourt it? darren

  dfghjkl 23:11 11 May 2004

xp,no contest,is the better chip.if you got a bigger duron you probably wont see much differance,also i would say the 2500+ is the best chip out there (apart from the amd 64)slightly dearer than a xp 2400,but worth the extra for the larger cache,and faster fsb speeds.but i guess you should go for the max your motherboard can support,do your homework,google etc for reviews and are in the right place to start.

  woodchip 23:22 11 May 2004

Duron just about read for bin

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