To Athlon64 or not?

  Mark The Wolf 17:43 20 Apr 2005

I have just aquired an MSI K8T Neo2 FIR motherboard which I believe needs an Athlon 64 processor.

Below is my current spec.
Should I upgarde, how and why?

Compaq Presario 061
System Model: DQ081A-ABU S5290UK GB340
BIOS Version: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.06

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version: 5.1.2600
Service Pack: 2.0

Memory (RAM)
Capacity: 512 MB

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
Version: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Speed: 2666 MHz

Local Disk
Total Capacity: 111.77 GB
Sum of Hard Disks: (C: D: )
Used: 13.42 GB
Free: 98.34 GB

  Klof Ron 19:57 20 Apr 2005

I have an AMD 3400+ Athlon, with 1.25 GB RAM. My previous PC was an Intel P4 2.0 Ghtz with 756 Gb Ram. To be brutally honest I cannot say I notice any difference in performance. I went for the Athlon when I got my new PC solely to be ready for the new 64 bit version of Windows when it is released. Word has it this will only be released to OEM manufacturers, and whilst it it will be possible to obtain an OEM copy, there will be no support from MS for end users.

  woodchip 20:01 20 Apr 2005

Will the Mobo fit as they tend to make it as only theirs will go in the box

  Mark The Wolf 20:20 20 Apr 2005

I'm not sure if it will fit... I won it from PC advisor believe it or not!

I don't know whether to sell it or use it.

From what Klof Ron says I might be best to sell it?

Or has anyone any good ideas?

  Bleep 20:30 20 Apr 2005

Unless you a performance gamer then you PC is fine for anything @ the moment and it would just be a waste of money to upgrade.

I have an AMD64 set-up for Dreamweaver and Gaming and get a good return @ a heavy price.

Just recently built my mother a system around an AMD XP 2500 and it can do anything she wants, it has a ATI 9800Pro in it so my brother can play games, so other than a specific need to upgrade dont waste your money. Umless you have it to waste.

  Mark The Wolf 21:19 20 Apr 2005

I use dreamweaver, flash, photoshop etc a lot for webdesign .. thats the heaviest it gets. But my current set up (now 18 months old) isn't bad. Maybe I'll give it to my brother... his pc is a few years onld, it'd probably be more of a leap for him.

  woodchip 22:11 20 Apr 2005

If I was you I would keep it as the next thing is 64s

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