Athlon XP2600 recognised as XP1250! Help please?

  Beltane Son 20:14 31 Jul 2004

I have a Gigabyte K7 Triton(GA-7N400 Pro2) motherboard. 1gb RAM. But my CPU which is a AMD Athlon XP2600 is only being recognised as only Athlon XP1250. If I wanted 1250 Id have bought it. Ive upgraded from a Duron 1100 so Im not getting much better. Can anyone help?

  woodchip 20:18 31 Jul 2004

Go into BIOS and set frequency to at least 133 FSB

  alan227 20:22 31 Jul 2004

You need to set the FSB to 166 in the bios
166 x 12.5 = 2075.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 31 Jul 2004

Need to Know exact Chip to set Front side bus (FSB) and multiplier in BIOS to read / run correctly.
see examples both XP2600

amd athlon barton

AXDA2600DKV4D 333FSB 1.91Ghz Multiplier=11.5x

amd athlon Thoroughbred B

AXDA2600DKV3C 2.13Ghz Multiplier=16x

  Beltane Son 22:16 31 Jul 2004

Changed FSB

  Beltane Son 22:22 31 Jul 2004

Changed FSB in BIOS to 200mghz. CPU still being recognised as Athlon XP1250.
How do I tell which Athlon XP version is is? ie Athlon Barton or Athlon Thorourbred with their subsequent Multiplier? How does this make a diference and how can I change it? I bought the Motherboard together with the CPU specifically together. Any thooughts? :-)

  roy 22:52 31 Jul 2004

I've just had a look at Gigabyte's webpage. The following is a shortcut to a download manual (Europe). Haven't downloaded myself but would suggest it is worth it for you. Cheers.

click here

  jonnytub 23:17 31 Jul 2004

i suspect this is the thoroughbred chip, as i experienced similar probs with mine (diff board though) fsb should be set to 166 mhz = 332 fsb (the figure is doubled but for some reason not exactly, maybe someone can explain?) and the chip should report as 2083 mhz speed. also make sure the fsb is managed manually and not set to automatic. Also freshdiagnose will tell you what chip you have click here also click here

  alan227 23:48 31 Jul 2004

Their is something strange as it shows the barton with a 11.5 multiplier and the thoroughbred as a 16 multiplier so on a 100mhz fsb the one would show as 1150 and the other would show as 1600, are you sure it is a XP2600.?

  jonnytub 23:50 31 Jul 2004

alan227 you may be onto something there

  norman47 00:06 01 Aug 2004

They are two thoroughbred 2600+ cpu's. One runs at 133Mhz X 16 giving you a clock speed of 2.133Ghz. Beltane Son cpu is the 166Mhz version 166 X 12.5 gives a clock speed of 2.083 here

Beltane Son, set your bios to either 166 or 333, which ever is shown.

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