Athlon XP Thoroughbred/Sempron Skt A/XP Barton?

  Gaz W 00:13 07 Sep 2004

Which one represents the best value for a low end PC at the moment. I had been thinking along the lines of the Thoroughbred, but is the Sempron better than that for only a few quid more? I know it isn't as good as the Barton (a few features removed) but a similar clock speed to the Thoroughbred with a faster FSB (333MHz instead of 266MHz) for only a few quid more is better surely?

Both Thoroughbred and Sempron have 256KB L2 Cache, Barton has 512KB.

Correct me if I'm wrong someone! What I'm asking really is which represents the best value at the moment?

By the way this is Socket A and I understand a Sempron will work in most (if not all) existing Athlon XP boards.

Any advice on this subject much appreciated as I am building a bog standard PC and want to get the best deal!

  Gaz W 00:25 07 Sep 2004

On closer inspection it still looks like the Athlon XP Thoroughbred is the better deal while it's still around...

Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroughbred (266MHz) = 2.13GHz
Sempron 2600+ is only 1.83HGz @ 333MHz FSB

Anyway it doesn't compare in price to the 2000+ I'm looking at, even if it is faster than that!

Anyway feel free to post to this with any information, but I think for the price of the system to stay down an XP 2000+ will be going in for now - then when the Sempron goes down it could be "upgraded" later.

  Gaz W 02:04 07 Sep 2004

Basically, which is better out of an Athlon XP Thoroughbred 2000+/2100+ and a Sempron 2400+?

  Giggle n' Bits 14:01 19 Sep 2004

with Motherboard manufacutrers as there are BIOS updates needed before booting with a sempron inplace. Well Asus boards do say they won't boot until BIOS update 1012

  Gaz W 14:06 19 Sep 2004

The board I intend to use states on the manufacturer's website that it will work with the Sempron. I read in a review of the Socket A Sempron that it is detected in older boards as an Athlon XP and that AMD deliberately left it as unchanged as possible to ensure compatibility.

  Sion 15:17 19 Sep 2004

Actually, the Sempron chip for socket A are just rebranded AthlonXPs. The core of the processor is exactly the same. All they have done is lowered the clock speed, but raised the front side bus to 333. As for whch offers better value, dont be put off by the lowered clock speed of the chips, the front side bus increase makes up for this.

The 2400sempron would be a better buy than the athlonxp 2000/2100.

If you do decide to get an athlon xp, hurry up ! AMD are taking them all off sale as we speak. not literally as we speak, because i am typing, but you know what i mean.

  Gaz W 16:18 19 Sep 2004

I realise they are discontinuing them, and that's why I was considering stocking up on some of the higher ones! The way I understood it though was that they were going to gradually take them off, i.e. start down at the bottom and then move up to the top 3200+.

By the way - will the mobile Athlon XP be disappearing any time soon?

  Sion 16:45 19 Sep 2004

Athlon XP Mobile will just become Mobile Sempron. I am pretty sure they will be the same chips, just rebranded, as HP have started including them on their laptops, and have had to make no changes to the motherboards to accomadate these changes.

As for stocking up on AthlonXP, I would not bother. The Sempron's run around the same speed as their AthlonXP equivalent, thanks to the increase in the FSB. And with a little overclocking, i'm sure you can coax a little more out of those semprons !

  Gaz W 16:50 19 Sep 2004


....I wonder how much a mobile Sempron is then....

  Sion 17:11 19 Sep 2004

From a AMD press release

"The Mobile AMD Sempron processors 2600+, 2800+, and 3000+ designed for full-size laptops are $84, $108, and $120, respectively. The Mobile AMD Sempron processors 2600+ and 2800+ designed for thin and light laptops are $107 and $134, respectively."

hope this helps

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