Athlon XP Heastink Problem

  Tricky 3003 00:07 30 Nov 2005

I'm am trying to remove the heastink from my pc and replace it.

I have tried using a flat head screw driver to press down the lever/latch, I push down and outwards with lots of force, but I simply cannot lift the heatsink.

Is there anything you can recommend trying that is safe?


  DieSse 00:20 30 Nov 2005

If you can unlatch it, but it's still not coming off the processor, try (carefully) twisting it around - that can usually break the sometimes pretty powerful bond of the heatsink compound.

Unfortunately I have seen overheated processors that haven't survived the process - so be careful, and be warned.

  keef66 11:30 30 Nov 2005

I've removed / replaced heats sinks on Socket A Athlon XP and Duron a few times now. Some require very little force, others quite a bit and make you think you're going to take a chunk out of the mobo. On both my pc's removing the power supply gave me much better visibility and more room to get the screwdriver in and move it sideways.
Are you sure you're starting on the right side? It should be the clip on the same side as the little step in the base of the heatsink (which on mine is near the side of the mobo next to the psu)
Use a flathead screwdriver of the correct size and it shouldn't slip out and do any damage.
You'll know when you've released the clip as it suddenly becomes very loose. It isn't actually attached to the heatsink so it tends to rattle around on it's own. Unhooking the other side is then straightforward.

  ACOLYTE 11:42 30 Nov 2005

The clip may have been bent in a tad use 2 screwdrivers pushdown the lever with one and put the other behind the clip and try to push out at the same time it should come away easy.

  Mavericke 16:03 30 Nov 2005

Depending on your heatsink,it might just require a small effort. I've got an AKASA heatsink and fan. It has one small hook on on end and what I did was to stuff a flathead screwdriver in it and try to push it out. It works!

  woodchip 16:21 30 Nov 2005

I use the back flat end of a Pencil, not do as much damage if it comes of. If you have the clip off then sink past will have bonded to CPU

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