athlon xp\ fsb

  big.tony.D 22:24 08 Apr 2004

what fsb should my xp2000 run at ? at the moment it is set to 166 and shows its running at 1667mhz which i think is right but everything i read shows it should be set at 266 fsb surely this would burn it out? or i am i missing some point?

  leo49 22:33 08 Apr 2004

Should run at 12.5x multiplier on a FSB of 133[which at DDR =266]XP2000+ (1667MHz)

  fsbb 08:48 09 Apr 2004

As leo49 said 12.5 multiplier on a FSB of 133.

Set mobo FSB jumper to 266 and CPU frequency in BIOS to 133.

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