Athlon XP 3000, Correct FSB settings

  PhiltheFragger 16:09 14 Sep 2004

Building a system with an AthlonXP 3000 333mhz cpu.
Gigabyte GA-7n400 pro mobo
512 mb DDr ram

Have flicked the switch on mobo to fsb 133 and system info is telling me that the athlon is running at 1730 Mhz, is this correct.

The 100 mhz reading is 1290MHZ

Have been into the bios and pushed the psb upto 200 but the thing refuses to start then.

What is the correct setting


  PhiltheFragger 16:43 14 Sep 2004


  dawnyworld 16:53 14 Sep 2004

try 166 with 12.5 multiplier

  PhiltheFragger 17:01 14 Sep 2004

Good try
That now reads as a Athlon XP2800

Going to crank up the multiplier to 13 and see what happens

  PhiltheFragger 17:05 14 Sep 2004

Thats got it

Athlon 3000 running at 2.16ghz

  howard60 20:34 14 Sep 2004

just for your info a visit to the amd site gives all the settings for each chip. I have also just built myself an xp 3000 lovely little beast.

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