Athlon XP 2600+, overheating?

  woodbexhill 16:01 04 Feb 2004

I have a XP 2600+ running at 2127MHz which as far as I know is quite fast for this processor?

My PC has been randomly rebooting recently, also it freezes up and does not respond to actions and probably most annoyingly the mouse keeps temporarily freezing for a split second.

The last time my PC randomly rebooted, was in the middle of playing game, immediately after reboot I checked my CPU temp. in the BIOS and it said 87 Degrees C. which as far as I know is quite high.

I've been recommended to downclock my processor but I don't know how as my BIOS has no FSB/Multiplier options.

The processor was at this speed when I bought this stockbuilt PC from Packard Bell.

Thanks for any info :)

  [email protected] 16:13 04 Feb 2004

phone your shop where you bought your PC for fast help their tech people should be able to talk you through attempting to sort out your problem. I hope that your processor is OK but it may be going down the tubes. Faulty How long have you had this PC if you are within the guarantee ask them to replace the processor & check out your motherboard

  woodbexhill 16:16 04 Feb 2004

I bought it on Boxing day last year so I have no support of guarentee anymore.

ANy other thoughts/recomendations?

that all fans inside the case work...

Could be that one has given up the ghost...

  woodbexhill 16:21 04 Feb 2004

It appears all the fans are working fine.

But note, my title refering to overheating was just a possibility that I'd considered from looking at the 'symptoms', so please don't assume it's overheating from what I've said. If of course you're basing this on the fact that 87degrees is hot for a processor (Is it? I don't know :D) then I understand.

  [email protected] 16:41 04 Feb 2004

yes it is hot but it has been known for them to go higher but usually 70 degrees is the norm as a maximum. your symptons seem to indicate that your CPU is going down

  [email protected] 16:44 04 Feb 2004

but maybe a defrag may be a source of repair easy going at gaming speed the CPU can increase temp but just maybe a defrag will show the difference

  mrdsgs 16:51 04 Feb 2004

Do you know what the fsb/multiplier settings are at the moment?

there may be a dipswitch on your motherboard and possibly the fsb is set to 200 rather than 166

or 166 rather than 133, it depends which xp2600 processor you have.

It could be 10.5x200 = 2100 or 13x166 =2158.

It looks to me like you have somehow overclocked your processor and the heat/freezing is how it tells you it doesn't like it!


  woodbexhill 16:57 04 Feb 2004

Just checked the motherboard, and there are no dipswitches from what I can see.

I don't know what the current fsb/multiplier settings are but if you can tell me how to check i'll take a look.

  mrdsgs 16:58 04 Feb 2004

I have used google and the prognosis depends on which type of 2600 processor you have

AMD makes two XP 2600+ CPUs... one runs at
Athlon XP 2600+ T-bred (L2 256KB) 2083MHz 166MHz 12.5x
Athlon XP 2600+ T-bred (L2 256KB) 2133MHz 133MHz 16x

It may be that you have bios or dipswitch settings wrong


  Indigo 1 17:01 04 Feb 2004

87 deg C is over the recommended limit for an Athlon XP2600+ and continous use at this temp can cause permanent damage.

Check all intake and exaust holes are not obstructed inside the case and outside too.

Check for excess dust inside the case especially round the CPU heatsink and blow it out with pressurised air.

Make sure the heatsink hasn't become dislodged and the fan is spinning freely.

Ideally it should not get much above 60 deg C but it's OK if it reaches 75 C for short spells.

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