Athlon XP 2500+ overheating and incorrect Bios....

  SimonC 16:57 11 Mar 2004

Hi there this is kind of an update from last night (for those of u that read my post). My mate got his processor type wrong, it is actually an Athlon XP 2500+ (not an 1800) so the question 4 2 nite is what r the correct bios settings 4 this chip?, ie fsb multiplier etc and as to his overheating problem (64 Deg C) he is still undecided which path 2 take.

Thanx a lot guys 'n' gals


  961 17:11 11 Mar 2004

Athlon XP 2500MHz Barton

Operating frequency 1833MHz

Multiplier 11x

Voltage 1.65v

Max operating temp 85 deg C

FSB frequency 333MHz

  SimonC 17:20 11 Mar 2004

there is no option for 333MHz in his bios so wot would be the correct settings 4 this chip, we know the spec 4 the chip but the bios is giving incorrect info so wot bios settings correspond with this chip please?.



  fuzzyone 17:22 11 Mar 2004


just to add to 961's posting, the fsb may be a default 166, although it runs at 333, dependent on mobo and bios.

  SimonC 17:29 11 Mar 2004

the motherboard is an MSI KT6 DELTA with an FSB of 400MHz but it seems that this processor needs a specific fsb, multiplier and operating frequency manually putting in coz the bios seems to report it wrong by default. (It shows it as an 1100??!!.



  fuzzyone 17:38 11 Mar 2004


the settings should be as follows, (the 400 fsb on your mobo is for the ram). FSB=166 Multiplier=11 Core voltage=1.65 I/O voltage=3.3

  SimonC 17:50 11 Mar 2004

hopefully that info will see him right thanx a lot, hopefully the bios will report right once he manually puts in this info, cheers 2 u, I am deeply grateful!.

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