Athlon XP 2100+ settings

  anchor 08:45 04 Oct 2003

I am planning to shortly upgrade my processor to an Athlon XP 2100+. I have checked with Asus that my A7M266 motherboard will support it, (with a bios upgrade).

I understand from

click here

that it actually runs at 1733Mhz. Am I correct in thinking that this is the frequency that should be set in the bios?.

At present I have an Athlon Thunderbird 1333Mhz, and this originally had to be manually set in the bios, as the default was 1Mhz.

  MAJ 09:21 04 Oct 2003

Hi anchor, the Athlon XP 2100+ does indeed run at 1.73 GHz. It has a FSB speed of 266, therefore you will have to set the clock speed in the BIOS to read 133 and a multiplier setting of x13 to give you the proper speed for that processor. Your motherboard manual should give details on how to set those.

  anchor 16:37 05 Oct 2003

Thanks for your reply MAJ. I have consulted my motherboard manual and can see settings for

"operating frequency setting"

"CPU clock multiplier"

"Set system operation frequency"

""system frequency"

The multiplier setting (for x13) is obvious, but can you explain what FSB is, and where this would be adjusted in my bios. Thanks for your help.

  Rayuk 18:45 05 Oct 2003

Have just had a quick check,are you aware that you can only run a 2100+Palamino cpu and not a Thobred on this board
click here

1900+Palamino available from ebuyer

  anchor 20:00 05 Oct 2003

Thanks Rayuk for your reply. I did first do a check on the Asus site to confirm that my board would support a Athlon 2100+, (with a bios upgrade). This was the maximum the board could take.

According to, this processor is a Palomino.

Quote--"AMD, the "darling of home users" is presenting its seventh model with a Palomino core, the Athlon XP 2100+".

click here

  anchor 10:01 06 Oct 2003

Your posting made me think further about this, and I have just contacted AMD.

It appears that they make two types of Athlon XP2100+. one with the Palomino core, the other with a Thoroughbred core; (very confusing!).

I will have to ensure that I get the correct one. I might have to make do with the 1900+, if I cannot obtain the correct version of the 2100+ with a Palomino core.

Thanks for bringing this to light.

  leo49 11:12 06 Oct 2003

On the AMD site there's a section which translates the serial number of the processor revealing all the info of the chip's spec.-

click here

and click on "AMD Processor Recognition"

  anchor 11:29 06 Oct 2003

Thank you leo49, this confirms the information from AMD.

The one listed on the e-buyer site is AXDA and is based on 0.13micron technology, therefore is a Thoroughbred version, not a Palomino.

  Rayuk 17:13 06 Oct 2003

The 2100+ is the 1900+ is Palamino,seems they have 652 in stock so should give you a little time to have a look round for the 2100+ first.

  woodchip 17:28 06 Oct 2003

This is the one you want click here

  anchor 08:22 07 Oct 2003

Thanks for your replies.

Woodchip: the one you linked to on e-buyer has the Thoroughbred core. AMD confirmed this from the manufacturers code number given.

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