Athlon XP 1600+ Variation

  Gugs 01:02 22 Jun 2003

I recently had my PC upgraded,including a new mother board (K7S5A)to an Athlon XP 1600+ CPU. This was fine to begin with, both boot screen and Belarc Advisor confirming this CPU but the PC has developed the odd habit of apparently 'downgrading' the CPU to Athlon TM 1050 MHz and altering the CPU PnP SETUP [cpu speed/frequency & DRAM] from 133/133 MHz to 100/100 - again confirmed by boot screen/Belarc etc.
I can reset to original values but either the PC then plays 'silly beggars' from time to time or resets itself to its own values.
I am not overly bothered speedwise as an Athlon 1600+ is basically a type not a speed and its actual speed is probably nearer the PC's own idea but I would like to know why this should happen and is there anything wrong with my setup or which needs to be done. Thanks

  Mysticnas 01:15 22 Jun 2003

you've answered the question youself...

"an Athlon 1600+ is basically a type not a speed and its actual speed is probably nearer the PC's own idea"

the athlon 1600 is not meant to run at 1600Mhz, it's meant to run around the speed that your pc states. fsb to 100 from 133? i'm not sure but i think the xp1600 athlon is a 100fsb setup???

someone who knows more about athlons will correct me and tell you better.


  westerbaanken 01:18 22 Jun 2003

is your bus speed being set in the bios or by jumpers on the board itself.........????

  westerbaanken 01:21 22 Jun 2003

the xp 1600+ will run at 133(266) am thinking that you haven't set the jumpers on the board yet.............yes...thats what I am thinking.......

  bab5 07:22 22 Jun 2003

the speed on that board is set in the bios, the options are,




for a xp1600 with ddr it should be 133/133

try going to this forum click here

it's only deals with the K7S5A, and all it's problems

  Gugs 22:38 22 Jun 2003

Especially bab5

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