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  1x11456 13:16 12 Oct 2003

i have just bought a m\board and a cpu which was advertised as a athlon xp 2200 which i was told is a 1.8 ghz but the cpu i have fitted is showing that its a amd athlon 1500+ 1.35 ghz is it the same as the xp2200 or is it a slower prosesser as i have no idea of what the no's or anything mean thanks.glenn

  bremner 13:18 12 Oct 2003

You will need to set the correct FSB and multiplier settings in the BIOS.

For the 2200+ it should be

133 FSB and 13.5 multiplier

  MAJ 13:23 12 Oct 2003

The Athlon XP 2200+ is a 1.8GHz processor. You need to set your BIOS to a clock speed of 133 with a multiplier setting of 13.5, 1x11456. Your multiplier setting at the moment is probably set to 10, which would give you 1.33GHz, the speed at which the Athlon XP 1500+ runs at.

  The Sack 13:55 12 Oct 2003

the multiplier will be 13.5 as it is fixed and is always set by the chip! the FSB will be set at its default of 100 thats all (100x13.5=1335MHz)

As Bremner says go in to the BIOS and change the FSB to 133 (266). (133x13.5=1795.5MHz)

  1x11456 14:09 12 Oct 2003

tried changing the bios to 133 but it just froze on boot up so changed back to 100 and now wont boot atall just runs disc check and freezes or it boots to last known working and after the start up screen the screen goes black and no activity at all. i have cleared coms also but that dont do nothing also tried in safe mode but that just freezes any help

  Forum Editor 14:27 12 Oct 2003

there's a switch on the motherboard. By default it will be in the 'ON' position, which sets the FSB at 100. By switching the toggle to the 'OFF' position you enable the auto-detect facility in the BIOS, and that will correctly identify your CPU.

Alternatively, your motherboard may have a row of toggle switches with which you can force the BIOS to run a specific multiplier on the CPU. Check the motherboard manual - it'll all be in there.

  ollie < one> 15:03 12 Oct 2003


  1x11456 15:41 12 Oct 2003

tried switching the toggle and it recognises the cpu change but when i reboot i get the safe mode,last known configeration screen and i have tried all the settings but i still get to the start up screen with the windows logo and the moving led's and then i just goes black and the hdd lite goes out on the safe mode it loads up to partition 1\ windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys then freezes

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