Athlon problem?

  johnstott 00:09 14 Jan 2003
  johnstott 00:09 14 Jan 2003

I installed a Jetway 867 motherboard – it works fine with the 700 Duron I have but no joy with the Athlon 1400 A1400AMSC – 266MHz model, the pedigree of the Athlon is unknown so that is possibly the issue – is it faulty?) – the motherboard has the latest bios and is rated for 266fsb Athlons (up to 2600XP)

There is a jumper to set the CPU clock speed – with the Duron and the jumper set on 100MHz it works fine. With the jumper removed (133MHz) the pc won’t work – no boot on start up which is technically correct.

Switching to the Athlon 1400, with the 100MHz setting no boot and also with the 133MHz setting no boot.

Now the motherboard also has settings in the bios – but these will only currently allow settings of 100 to 132. (Despite the manual stating 100-132 and 133 –200, it almost needs the other jumper setting to allow the higher values).

Additionally there are other jumpers to allow ratio settings from 5 to 12.5 – currently there are no jumpers fitted (the bios settings I assume taking precedence with the Duron in place)

So would putting jumpers in place on the ratio settings give the Athlon the settings it needs to operate despite the other 100/133 jumper having no positive effect on the Athlon. (It obviously works with the Duron in place since no boot at 133 – would the 133 setting work with the Duron if the ratio was set to 5x just to prove the system?) And would that then let the bios settings operate or is the Athlon likely to be faulty.

Any advice gratefully received.



  Quiller. 00:32 14 Jan 2003

I think your problem may be the cpu ratio selector or sw1.

This is located to the right of the cpu \ fsb frequency setting.

For a athlon 1.4 you should be 10.5.

1/ on ...2/off........3/off.......4/off....5/off..

If it won't boot at that try. this will give you x10.

Hope this helps.

  johnstott 13:42 14 Jan 2003


Still no joy - just a blank screen with the settings you suggest and taking the fsb jumber on and off to try those permutations in conjunction with 10 and 10.5 ratio jumpers.

I can't think of what else to try - unless of course the ratio jumpers aren't technically working since they aren't in place for the Duron (not sure if there is a default no jumpers on setting?)



  Quiller. 13:50 14 Jan 2003

Are you saying that even when you drop fsb to 100 and leave multiplier at 10.5 it won't boot?

  johnstott 13:54 14 Jan 2003


yes - switching the jumper from 133 to 100 still nothing - just the blank screen. No beeps from the speaker even.



  Quiller. 14:00 14 Jan 2003


Just for a quickie. lol

Take out duron and insert athlon, then.......

Reset your cmos by moving jumper "jbat" to the middle and right pins for 10 seconds, machine switched off, then moving it back to left and middle pins. Now reboot?

When you boot the duron did you have no jumper's on the cpu ratio selector?

  johnstott 14:33 14 Jan 2003


Thanks for your efforts - there were no jumpers on the ratio selector so I assumed originally it was all done from the bios settings. But it works without for the Duron (hence my comment was there a default with no jumper fitted)- the manual doesn't feature a no jumper in place setting. I'll give the reset CMOS a go tonight - I tried at the weekend but with the Duron in place then the swap to the Athlon. I'll try it as your instructions.



  Quiller. 16:50 14 Jan 2003

Only other thing I can think of to look at is.

Bios......miscellaneous control.

What is your auto detect dimm/pci clk....set to? enable\disable?

Spread spectrum..........disable\enable?

I do not think it is a heat issue as you are booting stone cold.

  johnstott 19:28 14 Jan 2003

I'll check the data from the bios later - pressure from the kids at the moment for the PC!

  Quiller. 19:41 14 Jan 2003

Buy em a play station dance mat. I have one for the grandchildren, keeps them out of my hair.

The thing I am thinking about is if you disable the dimm/pci clk and I think disable the spread spectrum. You may be able to control the fsb and multiplier jumpers off the board.

What do you think?

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