Athlon 64 X2 3800 stutter

  StainlessStan 19:29 21 Feb 2006

Hi all
I have upgraded my computer to the above processor and now I have an annoying stutter on games.
From what I can gather this seems to be quite common but I can't find an answer to it.
My full spec is:
AMD athlon x2 3800 processor
Asus A8NE Motherboard
Gigabyte 7800gtx gpu
1gb ram
300gb hdd
I have installed all relevent, latest drivers including the one for the processor.
Any help appreciated.

  howard63 19:34 21 Feb 2006

have you tried reducing the hardware acceleration? right click a blank section of the screen then properties then click on settings advanced - troubleshooter and slide the slider down a bit

  StainlessStan 19:46 21 Feb 2006

That doesn't seem to make any difference.
The symptoms are more like the system's trying to run something in background and slowing the game down. However, the only change i've made is the processor and I didn't have a problem before.

  ulrich 20:13 21 Feb 2006

This is one of the best CPUs there is, I only have the 3200 version. The only reason for something to be wrong with it, if you are sure it is the CPU return it. What power supply are you using?

  PhilipH 21:01 21 Feb 2006

The problem seems to be caused by Windows moving the processes between the two cores causing a drop in performance. From Microsoft click here also click here

  StainlessStan 21:58 21 Feb 2006

Thanks for these.
I had seen the microsoft link but was trying to avoid messing with the registry. Guess I'll have to try it. Thanks for the 2nd link I'll follow the advice.
I think the processor is ok as it only affects games. The psu is oem 350w.

  citadel 22:52 21 Feb 2006

I think the 7800gtx needs a 450 psu min req. I would get a 480 quality brand psu.

  StainlessStan 09:06 22 Feb 2006

Really? Could be worth a try I suppose.
No luck with downloading the hotfix, just get 'page not found'.

  StainlessStan 08:10 23 Feb 2006

Hotfix didn't work for me.
This is reeaaalllly annoying!!!!

  keef66 11:50 23 Feb 2006

According to the Asus website your mobo needs bios version 1007 or newer for your processor.

If you do decide you need to flash your bios, make sure you're not tired, drunk or irritable first. (difficult when messing with computers, I know) You might not get a second chance if you cock it up!

Mine's an MSI board, and they make the bios flash a safe procedure for a relative newbie like me. Not sure about Asus.

Good luck


  StainlessStan 19:50 23 Feb 2006

I've got the latest 1011 bios.
Asus also have a neat, simple way to flash the bios.

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