Athlon 64 upgrade

  gasman42 17:45 25 Mar 2004

I am about to build a new pc(havnt bought anything yet) Spec-athlon 64 3200+,gigabyte ga-kn8 mobo,9700 (or 9800 if pennies alow),1Gb ram,sata hdd.
Now the problem,i keep reading that i should wait until the new athlons arrive,ive waited long enough already,is it buy and be dammned or wait forever?????

  Rayuk 18:20 25 Mar 2004

If you feel youve waited long enough then thats your choice to act now,else youll be waiting forever.

You can get a Radeon 9800Pro for £156 now so I would suggest you go that route if you are into gaming.

Socket754 will become the budget board for future Athlons so you have a bit of leeway there to upgrade later.

  gasman42 22:37 25 Mar 2004

Cheers Rayuk.
Thanks to everyone else for their suggestions.opinons, etc.
I was totally underwhelmed.
perhaps i missed the great 64bit debate,ihavn`t been on this forum for a i remember why

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