Athlon 64 or XP ?

  GRC 15:15 27 Nov 2005

Unable to search the forums it seems so I will just ask the question!
What are are the differences between the 64 and XP AMD processors? I see plenty of Athlon XP's on eBay but they are not mentioned on the AMD site.

  961 15:53 27 Nov 2005

XP's are basically last generation but still work well and are cheap for building an inexpensive computer

64 is the Athlon follow on. Even that is getting a little long in the tooth by computer standards

  GaT7 16:01 27 Nov 2005

Athlon XP's at click here.

'Older Product' links (including XPs) can be found at click here - click on links in right column. G

  GaT7 16:09 27 Nov 2005

Some months ago from eBay I purchased a 'bundled' secondhand Athlon XP 2800+ CPU, with a Gigabyte motherboard & 512Mb PC3200 memory.

Added WinXP Pro, more new/secondhand components (all from eBay too), plus a few bits from the old system & built myself a 'new' PC. All have served me very well so far. G

  SG Atlantis 16:10 27 Nov 2005

xp processors are 32bit. athlon 64 is a 64 bit processor.

You'll get better performance out of the athlon 64.

My old system had a athlon xp 3200+ 2.2 gig.

My new one has an athlon 64 3700+ 2.2gig. The athlon 64 gives better performance, and will be capable of running windows vista (when it comes out) or other 64bit operating systems.

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