athlon 64 3000+ on 939 pin?

  jesta 14:49 25 Oct 2004

im thinkin of building a new pc for my brother and i have about £900 to spend including a monitor.he wants an athlon 64 with a 939 pin socket.i have seen the 3400+ or 3500+(cant remember which one is 939 pin)buying them would take up quite a sum of money as he wants to use this machine for gaming so a good graphics card is i was wondering where can i get an athlon 64 3000+ 939 pin from and can someone recommend a good motherboard for the 939 chips?thanks in advanced

  pmjd 15:29 25 Oct 2004

Try click here they have the 939 version of the AMD64 3000 (inc HS & fan) for £124 inc VAT on pre-order.

As for mobo, try click here thay usually have a good few reviews on 939 boards. The new Nforce4 chipset is due out soon, looks very good but also could be handy for driving down price of current boards.

A couple of months ago I built a base unit with a 754 pin based AMD64 2800, 512 MB memory, 128MB Nvidia 5700 card (DX9), 80GB sata HDD, XP pro & CD/DVD-RW for £400. No monitor was needed but they are now even cheaper since then, so you should be able to build a good gaming rig for £900.

  jesta 16:19 25 Oct 2004

thanks i really appreciate it.two more questions:is radeon x800 better then geforce 6800? where did you buy your products from?

  pmjd 16:43 25 Oct 2004

Mostly from ebuyer.

As for graphics, nvidia are flavour of the month at the moment but it will also depend on what games your brother wants to play as some are optimsed for one or the other.

Any more details please ask but I have to dash off at the moment.


  jesta 17:53 25 Oct 2004

my brother plays games like counterstrike,doom 3,warcraft 3,etc. and also he said he will want to be able to play half life2 in the future.what is the cheapest well known brand that sells 512mb pc3200?also do you know any good 17inch monitors that cost from £200-£250?thanks

  pmjd 21:30 26 Oct 2004

I've been a bit busy but I'll try and answer your questions as best I can.

For graphics I'd go for nvidia, do beware that PCI express cards are not yet available for the AMD64 boards but will be soon with the Nforce4 boards that are coming out soon.

Memory wise I usually go for Crucial, they haven't let me down yet. There new balistix (I think it's spelt that way) range might be of interest as they have the quickest memory timings available which will help increase performance as the memory controllers on the AMD64 are integrated with the CPU and memory times become more important. Admittedly I don't know how much this will affect real performance compared to standard memory.

The 17" monitor, are you after a CRT or TFT one?
If you are going for a TFT get one with a good responce time of 15 ms or less and a DVI interface. Make sure the graphics card you get also has a DVI interface. I'll have a look around to see if there are any good deals at the moment.

If you are after a CRT monitor you can get a good one for less than £100.


  jesta 00:24 27 Oct 2004

thanks for going for a tft because it saves space and dosent cause as much eye strain.

would there be more motherboards for the amd 64 with pci xpress in january because i am thinkin of building one then because my brother hasnt got the money right now.

do you think amd will bring out a amd 64 3200+ 939 pin before january because i my brother wants something a little faster than 3000+(he is really fussy)is the geforce 6800 with 128mb anygood?the 256mb version just cost too much.


  pmjd 10:29 27 Oct 2004

A AMD64 3200 is already available at overclockers for £158.57 inc VAT and HS & fan. If you are waiting till January it should be cheaper still.

The 128MB Geforce 6800 should be more than adequate for most things, some articles I have came across have questioned the actual need (outside of high-end graphics work) for a 256MB version.

  jesta 12:48 27 Oct 2004

thanks.i didnt realize that overclockers has the 939 pin in stock i thought it was the 754pin.

one more does geforce6800 support pci xpress?

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