Athlon 2500XP Multiplier Setting?

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 15:49 23 May 2003

Just a quickie -

Does anyone know offhand what the correct multiplier settings are for this CPU?

Many thanks.

  Darren_Frost 16:17 23 May 2003

core multiplier = x11
FSB= 166MHz

As 2500+ uses Barton core

  MartinT-B 16:28 23 May 2003

11? Are you sure?

that would give 11*166=1826Mhz or 1.8Ghz

which is lower than the 2400 @ 15*133=1995 or 2Ghz.

  Darren_Frost 16:35 23 May 2003

Yes I am sure the 2500+ uses Barton Core which actually runs @ 1833MHz but has 512K Level 2 cache on the chip die rather than the older thoroughbred core which only has 256k

  cream. 16:39 23 May 2003

Yes Darren_Frost is correct, the main difference being the 333fsb.

Athlon 2500XP Barton (1.83GHz), 0.13micron,333FSB,

  MartinT-B 16:41 23 May 2003

Okay, Thanks.

Learnt something today :)

Thanks all - how about the voltage settings? i have changed tha multiplier settings as above on an Asus A7v333 and now PC wont boot!!

  Rayuk 19:05 23 May 2003

Does your motherboard revision and bios tally with the list
click here

  Rayuk 19:10 23 May 2003

This may help
click here;action=display;num=1051805440
seems its hit and miss re versions prior to version 2.0 motherboards


Thanks for all your help everyone but it would appear that one of the pitfalls of buying this board when it first came out is that Revision 1.01 cannot handle the 2500 xp but will only go up to 2400 - Anyone want either a 2500 XP Barton core OR a A7V333.......?

  MartinT-B 21:58 23 May 2003

Can't you get a BIOS update for the Barton?

I certainly can for my A7N8X...

If not,

RAM the chip and ask for a 2400 instead. If you explain they should exchange.

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