tinthedad 08:29 05 Jan 2005

When I boot my comp whch has a striped raid config, I first get the warning Primary slave atapi incompatable, also my comp will not recvognise the CD or DVD drive. Help pls. Thanks Martin

  Michendi 10:14 05 Jan 2005

Martin, some more background please. Since when has this been happening? Have you made any changes to your system? New hardware? New software? Upgrades? What OS are you using?

  tinthedad 13:11 05 Jan 2005

Michendi, this happened in the last 2 weeks while I was away. NO hardwarw or software installed, but possible BIOS settings changed by my brave 11 YO boy. Using XP and any help would be great. Tin

  Wilham 19:37 05 Jan 2005

Is your mbd fitted with the IT8212 bios controller, which is common, I believe, where mbd RAID option is offered? The IT8212 is temperimental when more than one make of optical drive is involved. Install manuals warn you to be careful, which isn't in itself much help.

A solution suggested elsewhere is to separate the CD's, DVD's from the HDD's and run them from a non-raid IDE pci card. click here

  tinthedad 16:18 06 Jan 2005

Everything was all ok previous to my break. The comp is just not finding the drives.

  tinthedad 04:03 12 Jan 2005

Thought I would bump this, would love a solution, thanks.

  Michendi 09:00 13 Jan 2005

Problem solved yet?

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