'ATAPI Incompatible'

  dregn 15:34 10 May 2004

I am building a new system, based on the MSI 865/PE Neo2-P board and an Athlon 2.8C CPU ( Not Prescott )
I have installed the Graphics card ( ATI 9600) and a new Samsung 'Spinpoint' 160GB SATA HDD which I connected to SATA 1 connector.
I installed an Aopen CD/DVD writer and connected it to IDE2 and wished to load the operating system.
The PC sprang into life and the SATA hard disk was correctly recognised as primary master drive. but no sign of the CD/DVD writer.
I enabled it in the BIOS but get the message on initial boot ' Sec. Master – ATAPI incompatible'.
As this is my first DVD device I swapped it for a Samsung CD/RW unit which has been in use in another box. The same message re ATAPI incompatibility appeared.

I have been into the BIOS but was not able to cure the problem.
I am wondering if I should have connected the optical drive to IDE1 as the system will be booting off the SATA drive.
Any ideas/solutions much appreciated.

  Djohn 16:01 10 May 2004

Whichever of the two optical drives you use to test your secondary IDE channel, have you checked to see the jumper on the rear of the drive is set to master?

Also if using the 80 strand cable make sure the master drive is connected to the end and not the middle connector.

  maz2 16:18 10 May 2004

I don't know anything about building PC's but I had this problem with my DVD drive which when I started my PC kept coming up with ATAPI incompatible, I had to get the man out to have a look at it as it is quite a new PC anyway he told me that it is quite a common complaint with certain drives and XP whether that was a load of flannel or not I don't know, anyway he set all the drives to run on Auto and so far so good, but I'm still keeping everything crossed

  dregn 20:06 10 May 2004

Thanks for the responses.
Yes,the master drive is connected to the end and not the middle connector. I have exchanged the cable from the CD/RW drive and checked that the jumper on the unit is set to Master.
To no avail - the same message shows.
It has occurred to me to clear the CMOS and start again with drives set to AUTO in the BIOS.
For information, I have taken sensible precautions to avoid ESD and worn an anti-static wriststrap, doing the work in an uncarpeted room and so on.
I'll attack the problem again tomorrow !
I just want to get my new Suse Linux 9.0 up and running.

  alnwrd 20:36 10 May 2004

atapi incompatible often shows when cables connecting cd/dvd drives are incorrectly connected or configured(master/slave).

Have you checked the motherboard book to ensure that you are using an os that supports s-ata connections, and that you are connecting a supported mix of p-ata and s-ata?

  dregn 17:14 11 May 2004

I disconnected the SATA cable but no success with the CD/RW unit.

I remade all connections and discovered that the cable to the CD/RW was not fully home.

I had not realised that I needed so much pressure to connect successfully. Everything now works as it should.

Thank you for the suggestions.
I learn something new every day !

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