ATA133 plus SATA150

  Wellpastit 10:51 07 Apr 2004

In building a new computer, I thought I had decided to stick to my 2 ATA drives with partitions, but then I read this article.
Toms Hardware Guide - Mass Storage
Parallel ATA, aka UltraATA/100 or UltraATA/133, remains the standard of choice if what you're looking for is a decent price/performance ratio. The interface works with 16 bits, transmits up to 100 or 133 MB/s, respectively, and lets two drives be run on each controller. One of the two assumes the lead and is thus the "master", while the other one is dubbed the slave.
Only the bandwidth has to be split between the two drives.
Does this mean that the access speed is split between the 2 drives, each having a max of 66.5.
If so I would rather have a single ATA133.
So can I also have a SATA150 drive partitioned as my 2nd drive, and without using RAID?
My new board supports SATA.

  vinnyT 13:26 07 Apr 2004

Yep, if you're using master/slave config (ie both hd are on same cable) the drives will be restricted to the slowest drives speed. Hope this helps.

  Wellpastit 19:11 07 Apr 2004

Did I word it badly.
The above article suggests that two ATA identical 133mb/s on a single cable will each run at 66.5 max (half the bandwidth) and not at the max of 133 mb/s
I already know that 2 drives will run at the slower of the two drives, but hanging two drives on one cable, will half the speed of the slowest drive is the fact I'm querying.

  Wellpastit 19:24 07 Apr 2004

My above request for info, is mainly can the IDE connection be in use for a primary and extra partitions hard drive using say an ATA133 drive.
And instead of a 2nd drive on the IDE connection, can I hang a SATA150 drive on my SATA connection. ie. can they both be read in the same way as two IDE drives. Click on My Computer and see them both accessable?
I thought the SATA150 drive might be better for storing live video, (especially if the - To VinnyT letter proves to be correct.)

  temp003 06:23 08 Apr 2004

Yes, you can use an IDE hard drive and an SATA drive at the same time. Both drives will be seen in My Computer, and can be accessed at the same time at their own maximum (theoretical) speed.

For IDE channels:

"Only the bandwidth has to be split between the two drives....Does this mean that the access speed is split between the 2 drives, each having a max of 66.5?"

No. Each device (master or slave) on the same channel can still make use of the maximum theoretical speed.

The limitation is, on the same IDE channel, only one device can be accessed at a time. If you need to transfer data between the master and slave devices on the same channel, you will need to wait for a small batch of data to be read from one device first, then for the data to be written to the other device. The 2 jobs can't be done at the same time.

But the problem does not arise when you are transferring data between devices on different IDE channels.

As to devices with different speeds on the same IDE channel, it used to be a problem, as described by vinnyT, but is not a problem any more. All recent IDE controllers can handle independent timing. Mixing an ATA100 hdd with an ATA133 hdd on the same channel will not in itself slow down the ATA 133 hdd. But it will slow things down when you need to transfer data between them.

  Wellpastit 11:46 08 Apr 2004

Thanks, Hope you have no objection, I copied and pasted this reply. It is so understandably composed and knowledgeable, completely answering my questions.

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