ATA Question

  OK Computer 15:51 25 Sep 2003

I was wondering if someone could help clarify some things about ATA for me.

Does ATA replace IDE? (I don't think it does)
If not what phyically changes to make your hard drive and motherboard ATA compatible?

Does ATA replace UDMA and if so is ATA better and how?

Thanks in advance.


  Rayuk 18:19 25 Sep 2003

ATA and UDMA are the same
Ide is "the primary interface to connect to a modern pc"

  MAJ 18:24 25 Sep 2003

Rayuk is correct ATA and UDMA are two names for the same thing. IDE is the type of connection that connects the drive to your computer.

  OK Computer 08:04 26 Sep 2003

Thanks so ATA offers no advantages to UDMA and there are both compatible, i.e using an UDMA drive on a ATA capable motherboard

  MAJ 09:07 26 Sep 2003

That's correct, OK Computer.

  DieSse 09:33 26 Sep 2003

"so ATA offers no advantages to UDMA and there are both compatible"

Not quite - they're actually the same thing, not two different things that are compatible.

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