ATA 133 / SATA compatability

  Tanzy_uk 17:44 15 Aug 2006

Hi all, I am about to upgrade to a dual core AMD chip. I have just purchased an msi MOBO (K9N Neo), I thoght I had got the specs that I needed correct, however I overlooked the fact that the MOBO only has 1 IDE connector. I was planning on using my old config i.e. an 80 GB HD as master and 250 Gb HD as slave on ide 1, with DVD writer and CDwriter on ide2. However I now have limited options can I still keep my 80 gb hd(with xp already installed) on ide and get a second 250 gb hd that is sata and still run them? I was planing on using all my old bits for a junk computer, so the 250gb ide drive wont go to waste.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 15 Aug 2006

Some boards do not like to run IDE HDD as master and SATA as slave.

Also the copy of XP may not boot as it will be looking for wrong equipment and have drivers for your old board installed.

Better to do a fresh install onto the SATA drive.

  FelixTCat 18:02 15 Aug 2006


Your existing version of Win XP won't run on your new pc anyway.

XP keeps a note of the hardware of your pc and, in simple terms, gives a score to each of motherboard, ethernet port, modem, graphics card etc. It allows a certain change to the score without problem, but if the change is too great it will fail to run and require re-authentication.

Changing the motherboard and ethernet port (counted as separate even if the ethernet is incorporated on the board) will exceed the allowed changes.

By all means try it, but you might be better off getting a new SATA drive for the new set-up. Failing that, perhaps you could use the larger disk.



  goonerbill © ® 18:03 15 Aug 2006

what you need is one of these. it converts a pata/ata/ide hdd to a sata hdd, so you use a sata connector on your motherboard rather than the ide channel.

click here

  goonerbill © ® 18:06 15 Aug 2006

forgot to say, as pointed out by the others, unless your new mobo has the same chipset and from the same manufacturer, you will probably need to re-install windows.

  Tanzy_uk 18:14 15 Aug 2006


looks as if that gadged could help my short term problem, with regaurd to my installed xp, I was planing on doing a repair from CD rom, any thoughts? might just bite the bullet and reinstall, just means that i need to get a new licence for xp now!

  goonerbill © ® 21:40 15 Aug 2006

you dont need a new licence just because you upgraded. you may have to re-verify your copy of windows xp due to the upgrades but this may not happen.

when i upgraded to athlon 64's (939) i had to re-verify due to new mobo and cpu but kept all other parts. recently upgraded to pci-x mobo with sli and new graphics card with clean install but wasn't asked to re-verify but then again i have 3 hdd's and windows was re-install on a different hdd so the re-verification code could have been read by microsoft on the other hdd.

on the supject of doing a repair on windows xp to get around a clean install, it may work but if it don't you have wasted all that time and then still need to do a clean install, personnally i would do a clean install.

as for the licence, there should be a windows xp sticker on you case that has 5 groups of letters or numbers or combination of both ie:


this is your licence for your copy of windows.

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