Asus Z370 Pro Gaming - systèm has posted in safe

  Sewerino26 19:16 15 Jan 2018

Hi. Its my new topic in short time. My mobo is Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. And rams: Gskill 2x8GB 2133mhz ( XMP 3000mhz ). Cpu 8700K. When i choose in UEFI first time XMP profile i saved and booted fine to UEFI. I turn off pc,turn on again after 2 hours, and then, i met screen: THE SYSTEM HAS POSTED IN SAFE MODE. This happened just once. Now its booting fine,but i dont know why it booted just once with this message.

This is screen from internet ,but the same msg:

1"/> psu also is Corsair 750RM i

I tried to reproduce this warning but i am not able to do that. Reverting to standard and then again to XMP save. Turn off pc by power button. But not warning. Any ideas why it happened just once,and still its something wrong?

This occur especially when pc is off some time,few hours. And then. I met users with the same issue , especially after pc was off some time.

Memtest not showing errors.



  Govan1x 22:54 15 Jan 2018

I have seen this in about 6 different forums this would make it 7.All using the same Image. Coincidence maybe.

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